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Top Traffic Exchanges

If you are new to traffic exchanges, have a look at my article on Using Traffic Exchanges to find out how they work.

There are hundreds of traffic exchanges out there, so how do you know which ones are the top traffic exchanges?

I use a report from a company called Traffic Hoopla to decide on the best traffic exchanges to sign up with. This report is updated weekly with the top 50 traffic exchanges and the top 10 new traffic exchanges. You can find out from this report who delivers the highest unique percentage of visitors and who will deliver traffic to your website in a timely manner. Armed with this information you can sign up for only the best traffic exchanges and get the biggest reward for your efforts.

If you want to be successful with Traffic Exchanges, your first step should be to sign up for a FREE account with Traffic Hoopla and use this as a method of building your own traffic exchange downline (by advertising the Traffic Hoopla Splash Pages). Once you have done this sign up for at least the 5 Best Traffic Exchanges as listed on the "1st Join" page of Traffic Hoopla.

I have found that advertising my Traffic Hoopla splash page on the different traffic exchanges is a great way of increasing my downlines, as the people using traffic exchanges will generally be interested in knowing what the top traffic exchanges are. This leads to both signups for Traffic Hoopla itself and signups for the top traffic exchanges in the list, which is updated weekly. In addition to this you will also receive commissions in most exchanges when people upgrade to Pro or purchase credits.

After my very first month of building my downlines using Traffic Hoopla I had a downline of 20 in Traffic Hoopla, a downline of 57 in all the 5 best traffic exchanges, as recommended by Traffic Hoopla.

That's over 100 people surfing for me after just one month!

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My 5 Top Traffic Exchanges

Here are my current top 5 Traffic Exchanges. Because I have built up a good sized downline I do not have to surf as I earn credits when people in my downline surf. You can do the same by focusing on promoting Traffic Hoopla and building your downline.

High Hits

High Hits - This exchange has consistently been ranked in the top #5 by Traffic Hoopla. It has a nice clean easy to use members area and they often offer great deals on purchasing traffic credits. When you join you'll receive 1000 credits for activating your account and you'll also get a trial Pro Upgrade for free for a limited time period. I am an upgraded member in this traffic exchange and earn more commissions from this exchange than any other.


Sweeva - this Traffic Exchange is relatively new and the only one I know of that works in this very unique way. With Sweeva you place a bid using credits you have earned and your website will be shown to EVERYONE who is logged on at the same time. People can comment on your website using a live chat facility and the can give your website the thumbs up or thumbs down. This is a good way to get feedback on your site and it is also pretty cool to be online while your site is being viewed by everyone. You can even start up a live conversation with people as they are viewing your site! You can also read my Review of Sweeva

Hits Booster Pro

HitsBoosterPro - This is another exchange that is usually found in the top #5. Like High Hits, you also receive a free upgrade for a limited period and 1000 credits when you activate your account by surfing 25 pages.

Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm - This is different from any other traffic exchange that I know, because you actually have control over which webpages you view. You only need to look at pages in the categories that you are actually interested in. This means that the visitors to your website are also more targeted. Another unique feature is that you can have a link box (like the one at the bottom of this page) on your website displaying other members links. In return for this your own links can be displayed on other websites all over the world.


Traffic Syndicate 25 - What makes this exchange unique is the Syndicate concept. As a free member you start out in the "Syndicate Pool" where you can surf for credits. Throughout the week the top surfers from the syndicate pool are chosen to form a syndicate in the "Syndacate Downline". At this point things get more interesting. At the end of the week you earn credits from all the syndicates below you and the syndicates are then re-arranged so that the top earners are higher up in the syndicate downline. This gives you the opportunity to have a downline with as many as 2500 people in it!

How to Make the Most out of Traffic Exchanges

Surf Multiple Exchanges at the same time. To build up credits faster in the traffic exchanges it's worth surfing on at least 5 of them at the same time. The easiest way to do this is by using a tabbed browser such as Firefox. Just open Firefox and click on -T to open a new tab, then go to the surfing page for one of the traffic exchanges. Repeat this process until you have at least 5 tabs open then go back and forth between each tab earning credits as you go.

Choose the pages that you advertise carefully When you are advertising in traffic exchanges it isn't normally very effective to advertise the home page of your website or a long sales page. People who are surfing exchanges are only interested in one thing - earning credits. The best way to get them interested is to use a short splash page and capture their email address. Don't advertise a business opportunity, instead advertise something that is related to increasting traffic. People on traffic exchanges are typically interested in getting more traffic, building their downlines or their lists, not joining another opportunity.

Build a Downline - if you build a downline in the traffic exchanges you will earn more credits and in some cases you may even get a commission if someone in your downline buys credits or upgrades. One way to do this is join Traffic Hoopla or the The Home Income Team, join the top traffic exchanges and then advertise Traffic Hoopla and/or Home Income Team splash pages and focus on building your downline. Eventually you will no longer need to surf yourself to earn credits.

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