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Resale Rights Products

You can make money on the internet by selling other people's products via affiliate programs, or by selling your own products. But if you want to make more than the commissions offered by affiliate programs but don't want to go through the effort of producing or sourcing your own products, then using resale rights products is the way to go.

Having resell rights to a product usually means that you have permission to sell the product to other people and keep 100% of the profits. Typically products with resell rights are digital downloadable products such as e-books or software

When you buy a resale rights product be careful to check the license of the product. For example, some licenses allow you to sell the product from your website, give it away as a bonus, sell it on Ebay or give it away free, whereas other resale rights product licenses will only allow you to do a subset of these

You can make money by selling resell rights products on your website or by using them as an incentive or a bonus for people who sign up for your newsletter or buy a product or service from you. Please be careful to check the license or instructions for each of the resale rights packages and products to be sure of what you can or can't do.

Resale Rights Membership Sites

Master Resell Rights Membership Top Pick! - If you are looking for a regular supply of high quality resell rights products to sell, giveaway or add to a membership site, your best plan is to join a resell rights membership site.

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The best membership I know of is the Master Resell Rights Membership. This includes thousands of Master Resale Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR) products (Ebooks, Reports, Graphics Software and Articles) and they add at least one new product every day.

An alternative is Surefire Wealth. They don't have as big a selection of products, but they do have a free membership option, which is great if you are on a budget. Most products come with giveaway or resale rights, but there are also a number of PLR products for paid members.

Niche Resale Rights Products

If you have a website in a specific niche you may be looking for an EBook with resell rights that you can giveaway to your visitors or sell and keep all the profits. Both of the sites above offer a great selection of niche products, but if you are looking for something very specific you may want to check out the Niche Resale Rights Package.

This is one of the biggest selections of niche resale rights EBooks, available to buy as a package or individually. Each book also has rebrandable rights. This means that you can actually brand your book with an affiliate ID and make a profit if anyone follows a link within the book and purchases something.

The Niche Resale Rights Package includes EBooks on health & fitness, pets, dating & relationships, medical problems/disease, cooking & dining, kids, travel & vacation, cars, sports & adventure, seniors, fun activities for kids and more.

Free Giveaway/Resale Rights Product Packages

There are various places where you can pick up products for free to resale and/or give away. In return you are normally requested to subscribe to a mailing list or newsletter. Here are a few suggestions of places where you can download resale rights & giveaway products for free.

Surefire Wealth - this is a fabulous site which offers free giveaway rights to a selection of over 50 ebooks, software products and reports. You can download these for your own use or offer them as bonuses or giveaways. You can register for FREE and get immediate access to hundreds of products. You also have the option of upgrading to a Silver or Gold membership to gain access to more restricted resale rights products.

Free Giveaway Events

You may also want to register for some of the latest free giveaway events which run for a limited amount of time - usually around 2 weeks. Within the members area of the following giveaway events you will find hundreds of gifts available to download. Many of the gifts come with giveaway rights, master resale rights or private label rights.

Traffic Gifts Traffic Gifts (Permanent Giveaway)

Type of Giveaway - A unique permanent giveaway combining a Traffic Exchange and Giveaway Event
Open to Members - Permanently
Signup Link - Traffic Gifts

Also look out for "Fire Sales". You will often find many internet marketers putting together a great value package of products with resale rights and selling them for a rock bottom price for a limited amount of time.

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