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Private Label Rights (PLR) Products & Articles

With the current hype and commotion about Private Label Rights (PLR), you may already know what these are. If not, here is a brief explanation.

PLR basically gives you two rights. First, you have the rights to put your name down as the originator of products such as software, articles and ebooks. Second, you have full rights to amend these products as you see fit. When compared with resell rights, PLR is more superior because with the former, you only have the right to sell a product, but do not have rights to change the product in any way. But with PLR products, you can modify the product in any way, on top of being able to claim the product as your own.

Where to get Private Label Rights (PLR) Products and Articles

Flamillion PLR Articles If you want PLR articles for a specific niche or two but don't want to join a membership site, you can find a great selection of PLR articles from Rosie Cott's website Flamillion. The articles on this site are top notch quality and she limits each package to 75 people only so you can be assured that you will not be competing with hundreds of others. Prices range between $9-17 for 10 articles and niches include weddings, dating, yoga, fitness, animals, stress and health. You can also get 10 free weight loss PLR articles!

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Info Go Round If you are looking for a good source of high quality PLR articles and reports on a regular basis I highly recommend InfoGoRound.
You will get access to IGR's Rapidly Growing, Fully Searchable Database of Exclusively Written, Private Label Articles Covering over 40 of Today's Hottest Niche Topics. You can also take advantage of InfoGoRound's exclusive cash for content program and avoid having to actually pay anything for a membership. You can find out more information at InfoGoRound.

Master Resell Rights Membership If you are looking for a regular supply of both high quality private label rights products and articles to sell, giveaway or add to a membership site, your best bet is to join a membership site such as Master Resell Rights Membership.
This includes thousands of MRR and PLR products (Ebooks, Reports, Software and Articles) and they add at least one new product every day.

Surefire Wealth - This is a good one if you are on a tight budget as it has a free level of membership. There are a large selection of resale rights products for free members and you also have the option of upgrading to a Silver or Gold membership for a small fee to gain access to a range of PLR and MRR products including EBooks, reports, videos, software and audios.

How to Profit from Private Label Rights Products

One way to increase your internet presence is to show the internet community your expertise in a niche subject matter. For instance, you may run a website or a blog on learning Chinese and through providing quality content on learning Chinese on your site or blog, you are announcing to your web visitors your expertise on this niche. In addition to your site or blog, you may even make use of PLR articles on learning Chinese to create an ebook or an ecourse. You ebook or ecourse can be provided as a bonus to entice people to subscribe to your ezine. In this way, you not only promote yourself as an expert in this niche, you are also creating an avenue to turn your site or blog visitors into leads whom you can sell your products or services too later.

Promote affiliate programs with PLR articles

Let's say you don't have your own products or services. PLR articles can still work for you because on your "Learn Chinese" website, you may provide various recommendations to learn Chinese tutorials, software, etc. Of course, the links to these tutorials and software are affiliate links which allow you to make a commission on each sale. As you may have read elsewhere, if you simply promote affiliate programs by putting lots of affiliate text or banner links on your website, it's harder to see a sale than the sun rise in the west. The best way to promote affiliate programs is to pre-sell to your visitors. Pre-selling means that you provide quality content on your site or blog that attracts visitors. Your visitors appreciate the content you provide, read it with interest and trust you as an expert. Therefore, when you recommend a product or service within the text of your quality content, your visitor is in the right frame of mind to click through and buy from the merchant. PLR articles fit into this equation because instead of writing tons of articles yourself, you can simply purchase a whole package of PLR articles and use these articles on your website or blog. See, you have just made an affiliate sale with PLR articles, haven't you?

Use PLR articles to create back-end sales or to create a viral marketing effect

Since PLR articles, together with affiliate programs, make a great combo, let your creative juices flow and you can make back-end sales with this combo. For instance, you have a great software product on learning Chinese. With PLR articles, you can create an ebook or an ecourse about learning Chinese, and then populate the ebook or ecourse with affiliate links to products complementary to yours. Use the ebook or ecourse as a bonus give-away to customers who purchase your software product. Without a doubt, your software is excellent, but giving a bonus makes the deal that much sweeter to prospective customers. They are more ready to buy your software because of your irresistible bonus. Once they have made the purchase, they are definitely going to run through their new toy with glee. Having this positive frame of mind while they read your ebook, they are more likely to click on your carefully placed affiliate links and there you are, on top of your primary software sale, you have just made a back-end affiliate sale.

With an ebook created using PLR articles, you not only have the option of giving it away as a bonus for purchase, you can give it away prior to sale as a marketing tool. For instance, your ebook can be used as an item to attract people to sign up for your ezine. In this ebook, you link back to your sale page. Let's say you take a step further and allow people who have downloaded your ebook to give it away on their websites as well. Bingo! Your ebook created using PLR articles has just turned into a viral marketing machine.

Search engine optimization with PLR articles

Another great possibility for PLR articles is to use them to optimize your website for the search engines. We all know the search engine spiders prefer text to graphics. Specifically, they like websites that focus on a particular niche (i.e., don't expect to rank well with the engines if your site touches on topics as diverse as dating and scuba diving), have quality content, and contain a minimum number of pages (in other words, your 2-page mini site is unlikely to score a high page rank with a search engine).

Isn't it daunting and time consuming if you have to produce quality articles for your site day in day out? If you post some well-written PLR articles on your website (it's best to modify them to ensure that your site is truly unique), you immediately have quality content in sufficient quantity to attract the attention of search engine spiders.

Find some PLR Products at Free Giveaway Events

You may also want to register for some of the latest free giveaway events which run for a limited amount of time - usually around 2 weeks. Within the members area of the following giveaway events you will find hundreds of gifts available to download. You will usually find some gifts in these events that come with private label rights.

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