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Free Paid Online Surveys

All the paid survey companies listed on this page are FREE for you to join!

If you want to make some extra money in your spare time, whenever it suits you Free Paid Online Surveys could be the answer. There are hundreds of companies that offer a payment for completing surveys, but you need to be careful to ensure that you can sort our the genuine companies from the scams. All the survey companies on this page are scam free paid surveys and don't cost anything to join.

All the companies listed below are 100% FREE to join. Some are available worldwide and others are for USA residents only, and/or residents Canada, the UK, Australia. You can see the valid countries beside each of the survey opportunities below. Don't try to join a company that doesn't accept your country as you won't get paid for this.

If you want to earn a good amount of money from filling in surveys try to join as many of these free survey companies as possible This will help to maximise the income you earn. You can also use a tool such as RoboForm to help you fill in forms more quickly and remember usernames and passwords for you.

You may also want to open a second email account such as Google Mail to use specifically for surveys. This will help to keep you more organized and you can login to this email account only when you want to work on completing paid surveys.

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List of Free Paid Surveys that Pay Cash

All the following survey opportunities pay cash in exchange for completing a survey. All of these are 100% FREE to join. For maximum earnings it is important to join as many as possible and this will dramatically increase your earnings.

Top Pick! Global Test Market (WorldWide) - With Global Test Market you will earn cash for completing surveys. Global Test Market accepts members from over 40 different countries.

Top Pick! Cashcrate (Worldwide) - Get $1 just for signing up for free. Cashcrate pays you cash for completing short surveys and other offers. It is open to people in any country but you will get a bigger choice of offers to complete if you live in an English speaking country. As well as earning money for completing surveys and offers you will also receive money for referring other people.

Survey Club (USA, Canada, UK, Australia) - these free paid online surveys are open to the USA, Canada, UK or Australia. You will need to confirm your email address before you are invited to take any surveys

Survey4Profit - (USA, Canada, UK and Australia) is looking for paid survey panelists. Members can earn as much as $10 to $250 per completed survey.

American Consumer Opinion (Worldwide) - this is a worldwide network of people who get paid for sharing their opinions and ideas and completing free paid online surveys. It is free to join and you will get paid for every survey you complete. Despite the name, American Consumer Opinion is open to residents all over the world. Payment for surveys is typically $4-$50.

Valued Opinions (USA) - Earn $2-$5 for completing surveys that match your current interests and up to $50 for specialist surveys.

Inbox Dollars (USA) - Earn money for reading emails, playing games, shopping and completing surveys.

Send Earnings (USA) - Earn money for reading emails, completing surveys and sampling products.

Survey Adventure (USA) - Earn $5-100 for online surveys, $20 per hour to preview movies and $20 to taste test.

Cash 4 Offers (USA) - Read e-mail, take surveys, sign up for trials and offers, and get paid for doing it. You'll get an instant $3 bonus just for signing up!

Cash 4 Offers International (UK, Canada, Australia) - Read e-mail, take surveys, sign up for trials and offers, and get paid for doing it. You'll get an instant $3 bonus just for signing up!

Neilson/Net Ratings (USA) - Earn cash by joining Nielsens Net Panel and surfing the web! Download a small free piece of software, use the internet as normal and earn bonuses and prizes for doing nothing.

Vindale (USA) - Join Vindale Research and earn up to $75 per survey taken.

Blimpy Cash (Worldwide) - Blimpy Cash is very similar to CashCrate and you will earn money for completing short offers, quizzes and surveys.

List of Free Paid Online Surveys that pay in rewards (e.g. vouchers, points, prizes)

You can earn points, rewards and prizes with all the following survey companies. Even though you are not being paid directly in cash, many of these opportunities give you the chance to win a big cash prize and you can also exchange points for valuable rewards such as vouchers, so they are still worth registering with.

Top Pick! Winning Surveys (USA and Canada) - for each survey you complete you will be entered into a prize draw to win prizes such as cars or up to $50,000 cash.

Global Survey Group (USA) - Receive Cash, Coupons, Discounts, Gifts, Rewards based on how you answer the survey questions. .
Toluna (UK, Germany and Italy) - Every service that Toluna offers is free of charge, and for many of the actions and activities you can participate in reward you with points; the points you earn can be converted into a variety of different gift voucher, discount options and prize draws. .

If you are serious about making big money with paid surveys you may want to register with Maximum Surveys to get access to a database of hundreds of worldwide paid survey opportunities.

More Information on Paid Surveys:

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