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One Way Link Exchange

There are different types of links you can get to your website. Most of these fall into one of two categories - one way links or reciprocal links.

Of the two, search engines favor one way links as these are more natural than reciprocal links. Generally a one way link has more weight, or more value to your website than a reciprocal link. In an ideal world you would receive one way links naturally for just having good content on your website. This does happen in a lot of cases, but it is kind of a catch 22 situation, because nobody can link to your site unless they know about it, and nobody really gets to know about your site until you have links to it.

So how can you go about getting one way links to your site? I'm going to suggest a few ways to go about this. Remember that as I said, search engines prefer natural linking, so try to vary the anchor text in your links.

For example if you are targeting the keywords Home Business Ideas, if you have a few thousand links all with only these exact keywords in your anchor text, this can look suspiciously unnatural. So you may want to go for variations e.g.Internet Home Business Ideas, Home Based Business Ideas and Online Business Ideas.

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Method #1 - Use the Free Traffic System

The Free Traffic System as the name suggests, is free to join and allows you to quickly build one way backlinks on other peoples' blogs.

For each article that you submit you are allowed 1 or 2 links to your website(s) within the article, depending on the length of your post and you can publish your article to up to 30 different blogs. You have control over the types of blogs that you submit to and you can vary your keywords, URLs and the spin the content of your article.

You can sign up to the Free Traffic System for Free Here

Method #2 - Directory Submission

There are thousands of directories on the internet ranging from business directories, local and regional or country directories to niche directories. Searching for directory submission in Google will reveal plenty to get started with. Some directories are free to submit to, some require a one off or a yearly fee and others require a reciprocal link. Just be sure to read the instructions for each directory carefully and make sure you understand the fee structure if it is a paid directory. Also have a look at the page your link will go on. Does it have a Google page rank? How many other links are on the page? If you are paying a fee for the directory submission you will want to make sure that the page rank isn't too low and hat there aren't too many links on each page, otherwise your investment will be worthless.

You can read more about Directory Submission here.

Method #3 - Article Submission

Writing articles is a great free way to get one way links back to your website. Write an article on the topic of your site of around 400-500 words or so and submit it to article directories with a resource box at the end of your article containing a link to your website. I use an article submission service called Submit Your Article to distribute articles for me automatically.

You can read more about Writing and submitting articles here.

Method #4 - Three Way Linking

Three way linking is similar to Reciprocal Linking, but more valuable. It only really works if you have two websites in similar niches or the person you are linking with has two websites in similar niches. Lets say you have two websites - A & B. You email the webmaster of website C and ask if they can link to your website A and in return you will link to website C from website B. This means that you are getting the benefit of a one way link using a similar method to reciprocal linking. If you don't have multiple websites yourself, another option is to use Jonathan Leger's 3 Way Links system.

Method #5 - Paid Links

If you have money but don't have time then buying some paid links may be an option for you. You can either search on Google for other websites that are similar to you that allow you to advertise. E.g. search for "advertise on this site" or "advertise here" or something similar along with your keywords or niche area.

Warning - Google publicly states on its Webmaster guidelines that you should not pay for links or join linking systems, so it is entirely up to you and at your own risk whether or not you do this. The worst case scenario is that Google detects that a link to your site is paid and does not give the link any weight. Personally I do not pay for links for my own websites but I wanted to list this here as an option as many people do this and Google cannot always detect if a link is a paid link or not.

An alternative is to go somewhere link Text Link Ads. They have a huge directory full of sites in many different niches with lots of sites including PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7 sites and more. You can register for free here and have a browse around.

Text Link Ads

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