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How to Build an Email list

One of the most powerful ways to bring people to your website again and again is to have them sign up for your opt-in email list.

Once someone has signed up you can send them tips, articles and special offers, while at the same time reminding them to visit your website. To see how this works, you can use the form on this page to sign up for my Internet Home Business newsletter. You'll also receive a free EBook explaining 30 different ways to get traffic to your website for free.

On this page I will explain how to build an email list, including how to setup your list initially and what you need to do to grow a bigger list using both free and paid advertising methods.

Creating Follow Up Messages

There are numerous ways of creating content for your automatic follow up messages. You could write the content yourself, outsource someone to ghost write your content, use PLR articles, use reprint articles from an article directory, purchase a ready made autoresponder sequence or a combination of all of these.

If you want to get started with Building an Email List quickly you may want to miss out the part where you create follow up messages! To get your own free pre written newsletter, complete with autoresponder, sign up for My Affiliate Power Site here.

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Using Autoresponders

Once you have decided on your material, the next thing you need is the tool to make it work - an autoresponder. An autoresponder is the #1 essential tool for building an Email List as allows you to send automatic follow up emails to your subscribers, track your results and broadcast your subscribers.

There are many autoresponders available on the market today - the one I personally use is an autoresponder from Get Response. The basic version is free and if you are serious about building an email list you optionally upgrade to the paid version which has more features and no advertising.

A popular alternative autoresponder is Aweber. The majority of top internet marketers use either Aweber or GetResponse.

How to Get Subscribers - Squeeze/Lead Capture Pages

The best way of building an email list is with your own website You want to make sure that you have an optin form on all your web pages and blog posts. Offer an enticing reason or a free gift to encourage your visitors to sign up.

Many marketers use something called a Squeeze Page or a Lead Capture page to capture subscribers to their list. You can see an example of a squeeze page here and here. A squeeze page is typically very short and offers something of value in exchange for the visitor's email address.

If you are looking for a home business or internet marketing related lead capture page you may be interested in my Lead Capture Page Service, which includes 6 high quality EBooks with giveaway rights, a squeeze page integrated with your autoresponder, a thankyou page and a download page. Another alternative is to use some online software like Instant Squeeze Page Generator.

How to Build an email list

One of the best ways of building an email list is to drive traffic to your main website or squeeze page using natural search engine optimization. This can take a while, but you should see your traffic building up over time.

If you are looking for some training on how to build a large list quickly, I highly recommend Lee McIntyre's Lazy Way to list Building. If you have time watch his Free 7 Minute Video.

Here are a few free ways to get some leads:

  • Safe Swaps - swapping ads is one of the fastest ways to grow your list. Safe Swaps allows you to swap ads with other list owners or buy solo ads. The great thing about this site is that they measure success based on the number of clicks that a list owner gets when he or she sends out a solo ad and not just the size of the list. You really need to have at least a few hundred people on your list to use this site for ad swaps. If you don't have a list of this size you can still use the site to buy a few solo ads to build up your list first.

  • Free JV Giveaway Events - this is my another great way to build a list fast and it works well even when you don't have much of a list to start with. All you need to do is register for a giveaway event and add a free gift. When people join the event they can download your gift in exchange for subscribing to your list. If you don't have a free gift to giveaway don't worry - read more on how to build your list with JV Giveaway Events

  • ListInferno allows you to insert a simple piece of javascript in one or more pages of your website. This script displays a list of newsletters (scroll to the bottom of this page for an example. Every time I display this list I receive a credit. For every credit I earn my newsletter is shown on another web page.

  • Thank You Ads - ThankYouAds is an ad exchange that posts your ads at the best time to attract paying customers - when they've just finished making a purchase. Add some code to your thank you page and you'll earn credits. Your credits will then be used to display your ads on other peoples' thank you pages.

  • Advertising Know How is both a traffic exchange and a list builder. You can earn ezine credits through the list builder by promoting other ezines on your "Thankyou" page. This is the page on your website that people arrive at when they have bought something from you or signed up for something. You can also earn ezine credits by choosing to receive articles by email. Each article you receive has a link in at that you can click on to receive ezine credits. Your credits are used in exchange for free advertising of your ezine on other people's thankyou pages.

How to Build an email list by Purchasing Leads

If you have some money to spare, it also possible to buy leads. BUT.. I have personally tried and tested a number of lead sources and found them to be very disappointing in terms of responsiveness. It is also somewhat risky, as you are at risk of spam complains if you start emailing leads that you didn't personally collect from your own website.

In my opinion, the best leads are double opt-in leads who have actually signed up to YOUR LIST, as these are of a much higher quality than the leads who have just signed up to receive general information on a particular subject.

If you have some money to spare in your advertising budget, you would be better using it to upgrade in a few JV Giveaway Events instead of buying leads. An upgraded position in a JV Giveaway event will give you more exposure for your free gift, resulting in more signups to your list. These signups will be people who actually voluntary sign up for your newsletter, rather than some stale old lead who has never heard your name before!

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