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Build Your List with Free JV Giveaway Events

If you want to grow your list as fast as possible, one of the easiest and cheapest ways is by using JV Giveaway events. On this page I will explain to you exactly how JV Giveaway events work, how you can use them to build your list. If you are looking for information about the latest JV Giveaway events, scroll down a bit towards the end of this page for details.

First, what is a JV Giveaway Event? In simple terms it is:

1) A way for internet marketers to get new subscribers on their list in exchange for free gifts AND

2) A way for people who are interested in home business or internet marketing to download free gifts

If you would like to start building your list using these events here is what you need to do:

1) Join one or more of the JV Giveaway Events below

2) Decide if you want to get a basic free membership or an upgraded membership (an upgraded membership means more exposure for your gifts + you'll get higher commissions and additional advertising)

3) Upload your gift details (this is usually an image, a description, the signup link and the download link)

4) Promote your JV Giveaway signup link - in general, the more people you refer to a giveaway event, the more your gifts will be shown + you have the potential to earn some commissions. Some giveaway events also offer prizes for the contributers who refer the most members.

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If you don't have your own free gift to giveaway, you can easily find something, either for free or at a low cost. I recommend taking a look at these Resale Rights Products (opens a new window) to find out where you can get some gifts.

Alternatively I have a Lead Capture Page Service that includes 6 Home Business EBooks with giveaway rights + a lead capture, thank you and download page all integrated with your autoresponder.

List of the Latest JV Giveaway Events

Currently Open to JV Contributers

Although there are typically 10-15 giveaways on at one time, many of them are low quality events. It is better to focus your efforts on 1 or 2 top quality events rather than 10 events at the same time. This allows you to focus your efforts on promoting the best events and you will get the best results. I have listed some top quality JV giveaway events below - these events typically get thousands of JV partners, hundreds of gifts and often offer cash prizes for people who refer the most members or partners. This can translate to lots of optins for your list.

Traffic Gifts Traffic Gifts (Permanent Giveaway)

Type of Giveaway - A unique permanent giveaway combining a Traffic Exchange and Giveaway Event
Open to JV Partners - Permanently
Open to Members - Permanently
Signup Link - Traffic Gifts

If you don't have a big list at the moment you will probably not get a lot of new subscribers from these events unless you opt for one of the upgrade options. All JV giveaway events have the option to upgrade and this will get you a lot more visibility for your gift if you do this. If you prefer to join for free, you can certainly do this and you can get more exposure for your gift by referring more people to the giveaway events.

You may also want to consider doing ad swaps with other list owners. This is actually a much quicker way of building your list than JV giveaway events. Have a look at Safe Swaps to find out more about how to do this. Safe swaps allows you to swap ads with other members or buy/sell solo ads from other members. If you do this regularly you will be able to grow your list extremely fast.

If you plan on joining a lot of giveaways I recommend creating an account at Push Button Giveaways. You can enter details of all your gifts, text ads and special offers inside Push Button Giveaways and then automatically load any of these into any giveaway events that you join. This will save you a lot of time as you'll only ever need to enter the details for each gift once.

Currently Open for Members to Download Gifts

Traffic Gifts Traffic Gifts (Permanent Giveaway)

Type of Giveaway - A unique permanent giveaway combining a Traffic Exchange and Giveaway Event
Open to Members - Permanently
Signup Link - Traffic Gifts

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