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How to Make Money Freelancing

If you want to earn good money online, as quickly as possible, you may want to consider using Freelancing Websites. These websites allow you to apply for freelancing jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home and get paid for it. On this page I'll explain exactly how to make money freelancing.

First things first, to make money from freelancing websites you need to have a skill. There are a huge number of different jobs available on freelancing websites and these include the following:

  • Writing (e.g. articles, blog posts, ebooks)
  • Transcription (converting an audio into a document)
  • Data Entry
  • Admin/Virtual Assistant Work
  • Web Research
  • Translation
  • Customer Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Proof Reading

These are just a few examples of how to make money freelancing, but there are a lot more and you can get some ideas by registering with one of the freelancing websites.

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3 Freelancing Websites

Here are 3 freelancing websites that you may want to try out. You can register with each of these websites for free and start browsing jobs straight away.

Elance - how to make money freelancing Elance - Elance is the web's biggest site for finding freelancing jobs. Over 500,000 people currently use Elance to find jobs and there are currently over 53,000 jobs available. The last time I checked the site they had paid out over $441 million dollars in payments. The site has lots of tools to make delivering work as easy as possible and you'll be guaranteed payment for completed work. Create a Free Account Here

oDesk - one of the best freelancing websites oDesk - oDesk currently has over 10,000 jobs available to people in countries all over the world and it's quick and easy to register and start browsing jobs. There is an excellent feedback system in place and there are also lots of online tests that you can take to show how well qualified you are. Payment methods include direct bank account deposit (for USA residents) or wire transfers, Moneybookers & Payoneer Mastercard for international employees. I use oDesk a lot myself as an employer and it comes highly recommended. Create a Free Account Here

oDesk - one of the best freelancing websites Micro Workers - this is a unique type of freelancing website that allows you to get paid for doing "micro" jobs, which are jobs that will typically only take you a few minutes to do. Examples of jobs on this site including "Liking" something on Facebook, creating a Gmail account, registering with a newsletter, bookmarking a web page, writing something on your Facebook wall and more. Payments range from around 10 cents or so right up to a few dollars per job. This doesn't seem like a lot, but if you spend an hour on the site doing lots of little jobs it can soon add up. Create a Free Account Here

How to Make Money Freelancing - Tips for Getting Jobs

If you are just starting out with freelancing sites you may find that it takes a while to get your first job. You may want to consider offering your services at a lower price than you are aiming for as this will allow you to build up your portfolio and get feedback from employers. This will make it a lot quicker and easier for you to get jobs in the future and you can increase your price as you get more experience.

I also highly recommend taking a look at Ghostwriting Cash. This training explains how you can make a lot of money by ghostwriting for internet marketers. You can read my review of GhostWriting Cash here

Hopefully this will help you understand how to make money freelancing and also introduce you to some good freelancing websites to get started with. Good luck with it!

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