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Free Home Business Ideas 2011

You don't have to have money in order to make money on the internet. There are plenty completely free home business ideas.

Regardless of your age, experience or the country that you live in you should be able to find something online that will allow you to make some money in your spare time without having to pay costly membership fees or upfront costs.

Examples of completely free home business ideas include affiliate programs, free paid surveys, blogging and get paid to programs.

On this page you will find some free home business ideas and opportuntities.

You can join any of these programs and make money from home without having to pay any fees or advertising costs.

If you have some money to invest in a home business you may also want to take a look at my Top 10 Home Business Opportunities

Free Home Business Idea #1 - Strong Future International (SFI)


What is it? Strong Future International (SFI), is a free to join affiliate and network marketing program that allows you to earn commissions on magazines, vitamins, cleaning products, pet products, membership sites and more. They have an extensive training area on their website and you can use this for free to help grow your online business. They also offer the potential to earn residual commissions on any new affiliates you sign up.

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Costs - FREE

Commission Percentage - Varies depending on product

Sign up link - SFI

Review - SFI Review

More Information:Top Ten Reasons for joining SFI.

Free Home Business Idea #2 - Free Paid Surveys

What is it? Completing paid surveys is a great way to make some money in your spare time. There are many companies that will charge you for access to a database of paid surveys, but there are also lots of paid survey companies that you can sign up to for free. Take a look at this list of free paid surveys to get you started.

Costs - FREE

Earnings - You get paid a variable amount for each survey you complete - usually a few dollars per survey. For maximum earning potential join as many companies as possible.

Sign up link - List of Free Paid Survey Companies

Free Home Business Idea #3 - Get Paid To Programs

Cash Crate

What is it? Get Paid to programs are FREE to join and are one of the easiest free home business ideas to choose if you are just getting started. They are open to residents from all round the world. Cashcrate is the best FREE to join "get paid to" program with a good selection of offers to complete and get paid for. If you refer other people e.g. friends, family or visitors to your website, they can also join for free and you will receive 30% of their earnings (note that this doesn't not affect the amount they will earn - they are still paid the same amount as you for completing an offer).

You've got nothing to lose by joining Cash Crate and it can be a great way to earn some extra income in your spare time. They will pay you by check once your earnings are at least $10 (or you can set a higher minimum payment if you wish).

Costs - FREE

Commission Percentage - You get paid for completing offers, surveys etc + up to 30% for others you refer

Sign up link - Cash Crate

Review - CashCrate Review

Free Home Business Idea #4 - Make Money from Blogging

What is it? A blog is very similar to a website, but you make posts to it in a similar way to writing a diary. Your blog could be about anything you like e.g. an interest you have, a blog about your home business, a recipes blog, a travel blog or a review blog. You can monetize your blog with free to join Affiliate Programs or Google Adsense. You can quickly and easily set up a blog for free using Google's Blogger platform. If you can spare $10 per year, I highly recommend registering a domain name for your blog.

Costs - FREE

Potential Earnings - Varies depending on how many readers you have and the types of products you promote

More Information: Make Money from Blogging

Free Home Business Idea #5 - Make Money Writing from Home

What is it? To be a writer online doesn't require a college degree or literary skills. As long as you can write a short article in good English and have access to a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office to check your spelling and grammar, there are many ways to earn money from writing online. One good way to get started is to register with Elance and respond to some of the writing projects that are being offered. There are many website owners online looking for people to help them write articles and blog posts.

Costs - FREE

Potential Earnings - Varies depending on the project size and how many hours you can work for.

More Information: Make Money from Writing

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