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Link Directory Submission
How to Submit your Site to Directories

Although reciprocal linking is beneficial to improving the popularity of your website, search engines place more weight on one way links. Two of the best ways to get one way links to you site are by article submission and link directory submission.

Directories fall into two different categories - Paid and free. Yahoo is the most important paid directory, but is expensive at $299 per year. Before submitting to a paid directory you need to decide whether or not it is worth the money.

Navigate to the category which is most relevant to your site and have a look at how many other websites are listed on the same page, what the page rank of the page is and what the Alexa ranking of the site it. This will give you a rough idea of how likely you are to get visitors from the directory and how much of an affect the link will have on your link popularity. If the page has a low page rank and there are lots of other websites on the page, it may not be worth the money.

As well as the paid directories there are also hundreds of free directories available. Some of these are completely free and others have an optional submission fee to speed up the review process. is one of the most well known and established directory, but it is maintained by volunteers so you may have to wait a long time until your site is approved, if it does get approved. If you go to Google and search for "list of directories" you will find many websites that maintain a full list of directories.

It can take quite a long time to work your way through all the directories but if you persist with it you can end up with hundreds of one way backlinks to your site. It helps to do some preparation beforehand and create a text file with the Keywords for your site, the UR and a description of your site so you can just copy and paste this for each submission.

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There are a number of link directory submission software tools available to help speed up Directory submission. One tool that I recommend is Link Directory Submitter. You can download a free trial of link directory submitter that allows you to submit your website to 24 directories in around 15 minutes. The paid version provides more than 2500 directories. If you are interested in buying this tool you may want to consider joining the Affiliate Power Group instead as you will get this tool as a free bonus just for joining!

Alternatively you may want to use a link directory submission service. I have tried a few of these for various websites of mine and have found the following one to be the best value for money:

400 Submissions for $42 - at the time of writing this directory submission service will submit your site to 400 directories for $42, giving you the chance to obtain up to 400 backlinks. You will also receive a report that includes screenshots of all the submissions.

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DirMania is a PR5 free web directory, accepting free link submissions.

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