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Building a Downline

One of the keys to having success with multi level marketing (MLM) programs is to build a huge downline. Let me give you a couple of examples of this.

If you have a look at my Legitimate Business Opportunities page you will see programs such as the GDI, My World Plus and SFI.

In each of these programs, building a downline is a major key to being successful. For example, you can receive a commission when you refer someone to a program and when they refer someone as well.

Another place that downline building is crucial, is with traffic exchanges. Most traffic exchanges give you credit every time one of your downline surfs. This can really add up. I currently have such a good downline in some of the traffic exchanges that I never actually have to surf to earn credits.

So, what are the best ways to build a downline? I'll tell you about some of the methods that have worked best for me in the past. Some of these methods are free and others cost money.

Recommended Downline Builders

Traffic Exchange Hoopla - this is also free to join and allows you to build your downlines in all the best traffic exchanges and safelists. Every week Traffic Hoopla compiles a report of the best traffic exchanges and safelists, based on their extensive testing. They publish the top 5 of each on their website and list the others in alphabetical order. You can also optionally purchase a full detailed report for a small fee.

All you need to do, is sign up for a free account with Traffic Exchange Hoopla and set up your IDs for all the traffic exchanges that you are a member for.

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Next, advertise one of their splash pages or sign-up pages on the traffic exchanges or using another method of advertising. I managed to build a substantial downline in Traffic Hoopla by advertising the top traffic exchanges, as traffic exchange surfers are generally interested in knowing what the top traffic exchanges are! As well as using Traffic Hoopla for downline building, you can also make sure that you are surfing on the best traffic exchanges, based on their list.

Home Income Team (HIT) - This is a great site that offers a downline builder for all the main traffic exchanges, home business opportunities such as GDI and other tools. They also provide training and lots of splash pages and lead capture pages that can be used to help build your downlines. You can open a free account at the Home Income Team.

Once you are inside follow their easy to understand step by step training to building a downline and fill in your IDs in their downline builder.

Using Advertising to Build a Downline

Pay Per Click Advertising - Use the signup page for the program you are trying to build a downline for, or even better use a page you made yourself to help you stand out from the competition (or one of the pages from the HIT program described above) and advertise in the search engines. This is one of the best ways to build a downline as you are targetting people who are actually looking for an opportunity, provided you pick the right keywords. Find out all you need to know about PPC Search Engine Marketing here

Forum Networking - There are thousands of discussion forums on the internet, on every topic you could possibly imagine. Most discussion boards allow posters to attach a "Signature" with their post containing additional information about themselves, such as their name, URL and sometimes even an advertisement.

By visiting a few of these forums regularly and participating in the discussions, asking and answering questions, you can build up trust with other forum members, whilst at the same time getting free exposure for your website (or your signup URL for Empowerism, SFI, The Plugin Profit Site or whatever program you are advertising).

My favourite forum is the Warrior forum. This is a busy internet marketing forum, full of all types of people with an interest in internet marketing, including those who make millions on the internet. As well as getting lots of great advice in this forum, I have made lots of new contacts and got quite a few signups for my programs and visits to my website along the way. Just try to make a useful contribution to whatever forums you join - be sure to read the forum rules and don't spam!

Your own website & list- Finally, let's not forget - your own website. If you have your own website and are promoting it ensure that you have a place where visitors can sign up for all the relevant programs that you are a member of.

If you also have an ezine or maintain a mailing list, be sure to have a sign up form on every page on your site and if possible, offer a free gift for signing up. You can then periodically email your list to tell them about the programs that you are a member of.

If you don't have your own website, You will find information here about how to start your own website and how to build a list. Or you can signup to the Plugin Profit Site and get your own website, including your own 400 day follow up series.

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