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How to Build Your Own Website

Ok, so now you need to know how to build your own website. Hopefully you have already:

    Decided on a Business Idea
    Researched your Keywords
    Chosen Your Domain Name
    Found a Web Host

The next step is turning your ideas into reality and building your own website.

You have a few choices here - I've listed 7 of the most popular choices below. Some of these choices require technical knowledge and time, whereas others require no technical knowledge whatsoever. Some of the choices below cost money and others are free.

The method you choose to build your website is really down to you and is based on your level of experience and your budget.

If you are stuck and not sure what the best method for you is, you are very welcome to contact me for some free advice. I've tried all of these methods myself so have a pretty good understaning of what is involved, both in terms of cost and experience.

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7 Ways to Build a Website

1) Build it yourself using HTML - this is probably the most time consuming method, especially if you don't know HTML, but this will cost you nothing and allow you to have complete control over the look and feel of your site. This is how I maintain the website that you are reading now.

Even if you don't choose to build your website from scratch using HTML it pays to learn a little HTML so you can make small changes and fix problems on your site. HTML isn't a programming language, it's just a way of formatting text, so this isn't something that's only for the techies!

I recommend the following free HTML resources if you are learning HTML from scratch or looking for an HTML reference.

All the above sites have free HTML tutorials and good reference guides.

I also recommend the free HTML Kit for editing and previewing your HTML.

2) Build it yourself using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor. If you don't want to learn How to Build Your Own Website using HTML, these editors allow you to build and edit web pages in the same way that you would edit a document in a word processor. The most well known examples of WYSIWYG editors are Microsoft's Frontpage and Dreamweaver. If you're looking for a free or a cheaper option you may want to try:

Build My Own Website using SiteBuildIt 3)Build your Site using SiteBuildIt You can easily build any type of website without any technical knowledge using one of the many templates from SiteBuildIt SiteBuildIt is a full solution that helps you to research, build, host and promote your website.

4) Use Wordpress - Wordpress is a free open source blogging and content management plaform. It very flexible and easy to use and once it has been installed you don't need to know any HTML or programming to build your website. You can download Wordpress for free at

Join the Affiliate Power Group and we will help you build your own website and provide you with online training, an action plan and coaching in a private forum to help you get your site up and running and into profit. We also have a selection of ready made niche affiliate websites

5) Use a free template or pay for a template and edit it yourself - This is a good option if you have some graphics editing skills (e.g. Adobe Photoshop).

My Travel Journals website was built using a template. I bought this template from Template Monster for around $30, downloaded it and edited the HTML directly. You can also edit the templates in WYSIWYG editors. There are free templates available, but if you want something that looks really professional you'll probably be better paying a fee. You can usually get a decent template from $15-$60. Here are some template sites:

  • Template Monster has a wide ranging set of templates in all sorts of styles for different niches and price ranges.
  • Boxed Art - this site provides a wide range website templates, graphics and Ebook covers. They also do custom work.

6) Get a home business site built for you. Join My Affiliate Power Site. You'll get a fully customizable website built within 48 hours with 6 different income streams.

Another alternative is GDI which provides you with a domain name, web hosting, free templates a web building application and commission if others sign up through your link all for just $10 a month

7) Get someone to design your website for you - this is probably the most expensive option. You could either get someone to design only the graphics and a template for you - this is how I built my Florence Italy website. You could go a step further and have someone design the complete site. If you go for either of these options, make sure that you see examples of the designer's previous work and obtain a quote up front.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions on "how to build my own website", but if not feel free to contact me for some free advice.

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