If you’ve not heard of Sweeva before, it is basically a traffic exchange with a difference. The difference being “social browsing”, which allows people to comment and rate other peoples’ web pages. If you are wondering what the heck Sweeva is, or whether or not it is worthwhile joining, read this Sweeva Review to help you decide!

First, before I get into the review, yes Sweeva is a traffic exchange and I have seen much debate on whether or not traffic exchanges work or not. Here is my verdict on it:

1) Traffic Exchanges do not work well for long winded sales pages, your home page or costly products and business opportunities.

2) Traffic Exchanges work very well for building your list.

The key thing to remember is that people surfing traffic exchanges are looking for one thing – TRAFFIC. So to get them interested in your offer, make sure your offer has something to do with traffic, or building a downline.

Now on to my review of Sweeva.

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