IMPORTANT UPDATE – Kevin’s Facebook Cash Generator is no longer available. If you are looking for a good Facebook advertising guide I recommend taking a look at Facebook Influence.

Below you’ll find an indepth and honest review of Kevin Young’s Facebook Cash Generator 2.0 – a video course that teaches you how to make money on Facebook.

I  have spent most of this afternoon inside the Facebook Cash Generator 2.0 members area watching the videos and overall I was very impressed with this course and highly recommend it. Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm for the product makes it easy to watch rather than a chore!

Facebook Cash Generator Review

Although I have been involved with internet marketing for over 6 years now, my experience with Facebook has been limited to using it to interact with friends and share photos. Believe it or not, it was actually one of my New Year’s resolutions to learn more about marketing on Facebook. Overall I found the course very easy to follow, interesting to listen to and I have a few killer techniques that I’m going to go and try out on Facebook over the next few weeks.

If you decide to buy this course, please scroll down to learn more about the bonus that I am providing for the first 25 9 people to purchase through my link. If you have a question about the course, you can also contact me and I’ll be happy to help :-)

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