Traffic GiftsTraffic Gifts is a brand new site launched earlier this week by Guido Nussbaum and is a combination of a giveaway event and a traffic exchange rolled into one. If you’ve never used any of these before, here’s a quick summary of what they are:

Giveaway Event – a great way to build your list. Simply list a free gift on the site and if a visitor to the giveaway event wants your gift they need to subscribe to your list in order to get it. Usually these events run for a couple of weeks only.

Traffic Exchange – a traffic exchange allows you to earn credits for viewing other people’s website and you can use these credits to show your own website or affiliate offer. Free offers related to traffic and list building work much better in traffic exchanges than paid offers and business opportunities.

Traffic Gifts combines these two things and one of the main benefits is that giveaway aspect of it is permanent rather than something that expires after a couple of weeks.

Traffic Gifts allows you to earn points by:
- Surfing
- Referring other members
- Being an upgraded member

You can then use these points to list your gift. The gifts with the most points are listed first and each week all the gifts lose one point. This means that you have to continue to be active in order to keep your gift in a prominent position. This is a good thing as it means that there is more chance of your gifts being seen.

To keep things even more interesting there is a monthly bonus pool that rewards you for your efforts. The people with the highest points get a monthly cash and credits bonus.

I joined Traffic Gifts a few days ago when it launched and so far my results have been very good. I’ve received new signups to my list on a daily basis from my gift listing and a few signups from the lead capture page that I’m advertising in the traffic exchange.

Traffic gifts is free to join and there is the option of upgrading, which allows you to receive a monthly points and credits allocation. The free membership is good, but if you want to get your gift listed high, you will benefit greatly from the upgrade, especially if you don’t have time to surf for points, or you are unable to refer people.

Click here to learn more about Traffic Gifts and Get Your Free Membership.

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