If you’ve not heard of Sweeva before, it is basically a traffic exchange with a difference. The difference being “social browsing”, which allows people to comment and rate other peoples’ web pages. If you are wondering what the heck Sweeva is, or whether or not it is worthwhile joining, read this Sweeva Review to help you decide!

First, before I get into the review, yes Sweeva is a traffic exchange and I have seen much debate on whether or not traffic exchanges work or not. Here is my verdict on it:

1) Traffic Exchanges do not work well for long winded sales pages, your home page or costly products and business opportunities.

2) Traffic Exchanges work very well for building your list.

The key thing to remember is that people surfing traffic exchanges are looking for one thing – TRAFFIC. So to get them interested in your offer, make sure your offer has something to do with traffic, or building a downline.

Now on to my review of Sweeva.

What is Sweeva?

In a nutshell, Sweeva lets you advertise your web pages to other members of Sweeva. The big difference between Sweeva and other traffic exchanges is that with Sweeva EVERYONE on the Sweeva site views your page at the same time. The other difference is that people can vote “Thumbs Up”, “Thumbs Down” or “Unsure” when they are viewing your web page. They can also make comments on it. This can be useful as you get to see exactly what other people are thinking when they view your web page. If you get more thumbs up than thumbs down you will earn some bonus credits as well. Here is a screenshot of one of my web pages being advertised in Sweeva:

SweevaYou can see a few comments that people have left on the right hand side. Mostly I find the comments that people leave to be a complete waste of time, especially comments like “ok” or “good” or “nice”. I don’t see the point of leaving a comment unless you actually have something useful to say!

Earning Credits

You earn credits in Sweeva by viewing other people’s pages and rating them. These credits can then be used to advertise your own page. Rather than using 1 or 2 or 10 credits per view, you need to actually bid for a viewing. Typically it costs around 100-150 credits to get your site shown and it will be seen by around 30-70 people depending on the time of day. You also earn experience points in Sweeva and these will unlock various features. You’ll get bonus credits and experience points for variousĀ  actions such as advertising your splash page, referring members, tweeting about Sweeva, Tweeting other members’ pages, viewing sites and more.


Going Pro

You can join Sweeva for free or you can upgrade to a Pro level. I’m a Pro member and I get 1000 credits a month (increases bny 100 credits each month that I remain a member), I earn double credits for viewing pages, a 30% commission on upgrades, random referrals and double bonus credits. If you are thinking of going Pro, you are cheaper to do this with the one time offer on joining as you’ll get a heavy discount on the yearly cost.

Things I don’t like about Sweeva

  • Don’t particularly like the bidding. I’d rather my pages got shown for a certain number of credits per view
  • People tend to make completely useless comments on other peoples’ pages
  • When you first join it can take a while to work out exactly how it works. A userguide would have been nice!

Things I like about Sweeva

  • Unique social aspect of voting
  • You can arrange it so that you are on the site while your web page is being viewed and rated. You can also interact with surfers.
  • Surf 10 pages a day and you earn 10 points, increasing by 10 points each consecitive day with no limit
  • Good response rate to my ads
  • Higher upgrade rate than most exchanges, which means more commissions
  • Lots of unique features and ways to earn points. A good way to keep people interested

That’s about it! Overall I’d recommend Sweeva as a fun way to get traffic and build your list. It is one of the better traffic exchanges out there with a lot of nice unique features.

I hope you enjoyed this Sweeva review! You can Sign up for a Sweeva account for free here.

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