On Friday 20th April 2012, my business partner Ken Troyer and I launched My Affiliate Power Site 2.0. The site is growing fast so far, with over 500 new members in the first 48 hours! We’ve been working on this site for almost six months and it has involved a lot of hard work, various programmers and many hurdles to jump through, so we are really excited to have finally launched the site.

My Affiliate Power Site 2.0 Review

In this blog post I’ll give you a quick review of My Affiliate Power Site 2.0 and answer some of the most common questions about it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below this post, or contact me on my helpdesk if you prefer.

What is My Affiliate Power Site ?

My Affiliate Power Site is two things:

1) A niche affiliate training site that teaches people how to build their own website in 7 days or less. Inside you will learn about how to choose a good niche, how to find affiliate products, how to register a domain name and setup hosting, how to install WordPress, create your website and make your first blog posts.

2) A powerful way to earn money. If you refer people to My Affiliate Power Site they can join as a free member and access the training. If they decide to upgrade to a paid membership you will receive a 50% commission (paid via Clickbank). The fact that My Affiliate Power Site is free to join makes it very attractive and you’ll find it easy to refer new members.


An Explanation of the Different Member Levels (Free, Silver and Gold)

Over the years we’ve realised the huge power of giving away something for FREE. For this reason we’ve made a free membership of My Affiliate Power Site available to everyone who wants it. For people who want more indepth training or want to take things to the next level we’ve also created some powerful upgrades and enhanced earning options. Here is an explanation of the different member levels and their costs:

FREE – A free membership allows you to access our written training on how to build your own niche website. It also lets you earn 50% commissions if you refer someone to My Affiliate Power Site and they purchase a SILVER or a GOLD membership.

SILVER – The Silver membership includes everything in the Free membership PLUS Video training. In the video training you will literally get to watch over Ken’s shoulder as he creates a website from scratch. This is great for people who are more visual and prefer to learn by watching other people. When you login to My Affiliate Power Site for the first time you’ll be offered a silver membership for a one time fee of $27.

GOLD – The Gold membership includes everything in the SILVER membership PLUS various ways to increase your earnings. If you are a Gold member you will be able to brand all the training lessons with your own affiliate IDs. This means that if you refer someone and they make a purchase of website hosting, a WordPress theme, a WordPress plugin, an internet marketing product or anything that we recommend in our training YOU will receive a commission of 50-75% for that purchase.  You will also be able to add a banner of your choice to the member area. . The Gold member banners will be equally rotated and shown to members when they login and when they are following the training. The cost of a Gold membership is $47 then $17 per month if you bought the Silver membership, or $79 and $17 per month if you didn’t.

My Affiliate Power Site 2.0 Members Area

Can you Make Money if you Join for Free?

Yes – you can earn 50% commission on Silver and Gold Upgrades via Clickbank!


Is My Affiliate Power Site MLM?

No. MLM is when commissions are paid on more than one level. In My Affiliate Power Site the commissions are paid per sale on one level only.


What Happens if you were a Member of the old My Affiliate Power Site (version 1.0)

If you were a member of My Affiliate Power Site 1.o, before April 20th 2012, you will need to register with My Affiliate Power Site 2.0 here. You can join as a free or a paid member, it is entirely up to you.

Once you have signedup just follow the instructions inside to set up your profile and affiliate links. If you were an owner of one of the original MAPS websites you do not need a new website. Just download the following PDF guide to learn how to update your website for the new version:

MAPS 2.0 Upgrade Guide

If you were in the middle of following the website training you can also access this here:

MAPS 1.0 Website Training

If you are stuck, there is a free service on our helpdesk to upgrade you – just see the MAPS 2.0 upgrade guide for more details.


More about the Banner Advertising Feature

All Gold members get to add a banner to the system. Your banner can be for your own website, an affiliate product or a business opportunity – pretty much anything that you want to advertise, as long as it’s legal and clean :-)

Your banner will be evenly rotated throughout the whole of the members area and on the login page. This means that it will be seen regularly by people who login and follow the training.

We’ve had over 500 new members in the last 48 hours and this continues to grow quickly, so your banners will get a LOT of exposure.


What to do if you missed the One Time Offer for the Silver/Gold Memberships (or were confused!)

If for some reason you didn’t see the offer for Silver or Gold, or you didn’t understand it at the time and want to see it again, just raise a ticket at the Power Group Support helpdesk and we’ll give you the link to look at it again.


What to do if you didn’t receive your confirmation email

When you register we send a confirmation email to you so that you can confirm your email address. This is just to prevent signing up the wrong people if you type in the wrong email address by mistake. If you can’t find that email have a check inside your Bulk or Spam folder as sometimes emails will go in there by mistake. If you still don’t get the email you can use our support desk (see the link above) and let us know your email address. We can then verify your account manually for you.


Bonus for Gold Members (worth $39.95)

For the month of April, if you register for My Affiliate Power Site and upgrade to a Gold member you will get 30 days of coaching at the Affiliate Power Group (APG) for free. If you are a member of APG already just raise a ticket at the Power Group Support helpdesk to claim your bonus and we’ll add 30 days to your account for free. If you are not a member already just register for the $1 10 day trial here and then raise a ticket. We’ll then extend your membership so that you’ll get a full 40 days trial instead of 10 days.


What are you waiting for?

If you have not had a look yet, I’d love it if you would take a minute to check out My Affiliate Power Site 2.0 and let me know what you think :-) Also, please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions!

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