My Date TeamData Entry jobs are one of the most commonly requested work from home jobs on the internet and Ioften get emails from people asking how to get started with this opportunity.

For that reason I decided to review one of the most popular global data entry training sites.  This site is called My Data Team (also known as “Global Data Entry”). If you are thinking of working from home doing data entry you may want to read My Data Team review below.

What is My Data Team?

My Data Team was established back in 2002 as a work from home data entry company and is now based in Phoenix, Arizona. They run a membership site for anyone who is interested in making money from home with data entry. The site provides training and resources for a few different types of data entry including:

  • Traditional Data Entry
  • Home Typing & Article Writing
  • Data Collection & Research
  • Audio Transcription
  • Proof Reading


What do You Get with Your Membership?

A one time fee gets you lifetime access to the My Data Team website. Note that you are paying for training, tools and access to job listings rather than paying to do an actual job (you should never pay money to do a job). You’ll be provided with a username and password that allows you to login and access all the training, job databases and tools. The site has a bit of a 1990s look to it, but is pretty comprehensive with a huge amount of training and tools to help you get started. Here’s a screenshot of the member area:

My Data Team Review

The traditional data entry section explains exactly what this type of work involves and has a selection of videos and tutorials + downloads for free Word processing and spreadsheet software. This means that if you are completely new to traditional data entry, you can follow the training and practise your skills before applying for any jobs. At the end of the training you’ll find a list of places to find data entry jobs. These include job boards, outsourcing websites and agencies. There are worldwide resources here, so you should be able to do this regardless of where you live in the world.

The global data entry section is divided into two parts. The name “global data entry” is slighly misleading here as it is really a form of affiliate marketing. This type of data entry involves registering for some free affiliate programs and then submitting online classified ads and other types of ads on the internet. The data entry part here refers to the typing of these ads. The first part of the training involves setting up your affiliate accounts and payment accounts and the second part involves writing and submitting the online ads. I know that affiliate marketing works, as I work full time on the internet, making the majoprity of my income from affiliate marketing. However, if you are serious about affiliate marketing I’d recommend getting your own website rather than promoting individual affiliate links.

The home typing section is all about writing short articles and getting paid for them. This section provides training on how to write an article and then gives you 4 different ways to make money from that article. This is not strictly data entry, as it involves you actually thinking up an article. You don’t have to have a degree in journalism to do this – as long as you can write in a conversational manner with good English, that will be sufficient.

You also get access to data entry researcher training, certified field auditor training, transcription training and proofreading training.


How Much is My Data Team?

The cost is a one time fee of $49.95 payable by Paypal or credit card.


What are the Pros and Cons of My Data Team?

No review of My Data Team would be complete without looking at some of the pros and cons of the site. Here are my thoughts on this:


  • Some of the job types listed on the site are not strictly “data entry”.
  • You may be overwhelmed by the huge amount of information on the site. (My advice would be to try one thing intially rather than try to do a bit of everything!)
  • The site could do with a cosmetic update – as I mentioned earlier it looks very “1990s”.


  • Covers over 7 different types of jobs that you can do from home.
  • Training is very thorough.
  • Comprehensive list of places where you can find jobs related to data entry.
  • All training is in both video and text format.
  • No recurring fees (one time fee =  lifetime access).
  • 60 day money back guarantee


Is My Data Team a Scam?

From my review of the site I’ve found the site to be legitimate and scam free. They have a 60 day money back guarantee and have a number of credentials including Web Assured Online company certified, FTC compliant, Web Guard Business Verified and Assured.


Where to find Out More

You can find out more by visiting the My Data Team website. If you have an interest in making money from data entry, proofreading, audio transcription, affiliate marketing without a website or research, then it is worth taking a look.

I hope that you found this My Data Team Review to be useful and please feel free to post any comments or questions that you have below.


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