Micro Niche Profit formula launched on November 30th 2010, but was only available for a short period of time. If you are interested in:

  • Getting lots of free traffic to your website OR
  • Getting a niche website up and running OR
  • Get personal help to monetize your site

I recommend a membership with the Affiliate Power Group. This group will help you to build your website, monetize it and get traffic to it and will also give you 1-1 help in a private forum. The good news is, you can try it for 10 days for just $1 and there is no oblogation to stay for any length of time.

if you wish, you can still read my review of Micro Niche Profit Formula below. This is an honest factual review of Micro Niche Profit Formula full of facts rather than hype, written by someone who purchased the product:

What is It?

The product was created by Travis Stephenson and Mick Moore.  The basic version includes access to 12 ready made niche websites + free traffic to one website + a member training area that includes the Micro Niche Profit course + a number of other training courses in the forum of videos, EBooks, Audios and text. You’ll get free traffic to up to 12 websites if youtake advantage of their upsell. You can use an exisitng website for this, or use one of the ones supplied in the member area.

How Much is It?

The basic product is $47 (one time) and their are also a couple of upsells for $97 and $77 offering additional traffic packages + VIP memberships. I only purchased the basic product so, this review will only cover the 12 websites and the members area.

What is included in the Members Area?

I was actually pretty impressed with their members area. Here is a screenshot:

Micro Niche Profit Formula Review

It is well organized and includes the following:

Micro Niche Profits Course – this is a 12 website pack download + video downloads explaining how to find keywords, setup domain and hosting, get an Amazon, Clickbank and Adsense account and get traffic using various methods. I’ve watched most of these videos now and the quality is very good. There is no magic bullet here, but it is an excellent course for newbies who want to set up websites with minimum fuss. To setup a site involves picking your niche of choice from the website download folder then editing a text configuration file to add your Clickbank, Adsense and Amazon IDs. There are 12 niches, which include speaking Spanish, Wedding Planning, Aerobics, online college degrees, mobile computing, skin care, magic spells, Ipads and a few more.

IMPORTANT – it took me a while to figure this out, but the first thing you should do is select Main Courses->Micro Niche Profit Formula->Micro Niche Profit Formula websites (right at the very bottom of the menu), then download the websites and choose one to start with. If you do this, the rest of the training will make a lot more sense :-) Once you’ve done that, you can then get started with the Micro Niche Profit Training (which curiously starts at lesson 3, so I’m not sure where 1 & 2 went!)

The Micro Niche Profit course is the main course, but you also get access to a whole bunch of other stuff which I’ve outlined below:

Home Business Toolkit – this is a mix of videos and text based training and covers setting up a site, organizing yourself, SEO, traffic generation, social networking, list building, squeeze page creation.

WordPress – a 12 part WordPress video course explaining how to install, configure and use WordPress.

Internet Marketing for Newbies – this is an 8 part video course covering affiliate marketing, website promotion, web hosting, keyword research, CPA and a few other topics.

Audios - there are a lot of audio downloads on the topics of copywriting, product creation, EBook creation, list building, social media, outsourcing, SEO, blogging and more.

Tools- this includes graphics packs to download, lists of press release & article submission sites, recommend ecommerce tools, graphics designers and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Mindset Training – a selection of downloadable EBooks and articles on mindset including The Millionaire Mindset, Finding your Passion, The art of Money Getting, The Science of Getting Rich and a few more.

Videos - this is another twenty or so videos on topics incluyding website design, adsense, adwords, blogging, affiliate marketing, conversion, autoresponders, pay per click, upselling, book promotion and more.


The main attraction of this program for many is the automated targeted traffic for life to your website(s) for life.  If you purchase this package you’ll get an email that explains everything and also tells you about the free traffic  inlcuded (aka “Doc Cyber System”). Part of the email says:

“Send us the URL for ONE of your websites (if you took advantage of the $97 program, we will be sending you traffic for all 12!). Once you send that to us via email we will load it into our INCREDIBLY targetted traffic monster and you will start to see the commissions grow and grow!”

I can’t review this incredibily targetted traffic monster at present, because I have only just submitted one of my websites. If I can comment on this in the next few days I will, but they do not allow you to reveal any details of the traffic.


There is a member support helpdesk in the Members area and a knowledge base. I’ve not had to use the support desk, so can’t comment on how responsive they are.

Overall Verdict

Overall this is a pretty comprehensive package and the training provided could easily help you learn all you need to know in your first two years of internet marketing. The sheer volume of training is a little overwhelming, but if you focus on the Micro Niche Profit part to begin with, it won’t feel like too much. The websites provided are pretty basic, use non unique PLR and are nothing fancy, but fancy doesn’t always equate to lots of money, so this is not necessarily a bad thing. Setting up a website is very beginner friendly and just involves editing a config file and uploading to a web host. This is explained in detail in the videos.

I recommend this training for beginners, or people who want to get started with a website, with minimum technical skills and budget. If you want a good all round internet marketing training it is also very useful and doesn’t have a monthly fee attached to it.

I don’t recommend this training for experienced or intermediate internet marketers as you will probably find that you already know the majority of stuff presented in the members area and the sites may be too basic for you. There was nothing revolutionary in here.

As I am still testing the automated traffic aspect, I can’t comment on the quality of that now as it has been less than a day, but this may be something that interests establised internet marketers as well as beginners.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Micro Niche Profit Formula is no longer available, but you may want to try the Affiliate Power Group instead.

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