This is a review of Maximum Paid Surveys – a membership site that includes a database of hundreds of different survey companies. If you want to dabble in paid surveys to see what they are all about you may want to try registering for a few free paid surveys first to see whether or not you enjoy doing them. If you want to earn a good income from surveys you will need to register for as many paid survey companies as you possibly can. This is when it makes sense to register with a company like Maximum Paid Surveys. For a one time fee you’ll get access to their database of survey companies which are free to join.

Read this Maximum Paid Surveys Review to learn more about it. I’ll also give you a look inside the membership area so you can see in more detail what you get.

What is Maximum Paid Surveys?

Maximum Paid Surveys is mainly a database of hundreds of companies who are looking for people who are willing to complete surveys for a fee. As well as surveys, they also include focus groups and mystery shopper opportunities. As a member you’ll see the following options when you login. As you can see, as well as offering the paid survey database they also have training on how to do freelancing and how to start an affiliate business. In this review I’ll focus on the paid survey aspect of the membership.

Maximum Paid Surveys Review

How Much does it Cost?

The cost of a membership to Maximum Paid Surveys is currently a one time fee of $39.95. This gives you access to the site for life without having to pay any further fees. If you live outside the USA, this fee will be converted to your local currency prior to making the payment.

How many Survey Companies do I get Access to?

I checked the membership area today (December 17th 2010) and there are approximately 400 survey companies available for USA citizens, approximately 300 companies available to Canadian citizens, aroudn 150 available to Australian citizens, around 200 available to European citizens and around 200 available to all countries.

Maximum Paid Surveys Database

How up to Date is the Database?

While I was in there today I clicked on a lot of survey company links. Most of them work fine, but I did find a few expired domains or invalid links in there, so they  do need to clean up their database a little bit! From my clicking frenzy I would guess that around 5-10% of the companies in there have expired.

What Else is in the Members Area?

As well as the survey database there are some good tips for being successful with paid surveys. It is worth taking some time to read this before you get started.

There is a guide to earning money from Mystery Shopping and a small database of Mystery Shopping companies to register with. If you’d like to shop and get paid for it, this is definitely worth a try.

You’ll also find a data entry guide, a list of data entry opportunities, information on how to make money through merchandising plus a number of bonus EBooks on various work from home topics.

Does this work outside the USA?

If you are in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia you will have an abundance of companies to register with in this database and an excellent chance of qualifying for a number of surveys. If you are outside these countries, there are less opportunities available to you, but there are still around 200 companies accepting survey participants from all round the world. To give yourself the best chance you should register for as many companies as you possibly can. Companies choose participants based on demographics, so there are no guarantees, but joining the maximum number of companies will give you a greated chance of receiving more invitations. If you are unsure, try some free paid surveys from this page first.

Do Paid Surveys actually work?

Yes! As long as there are companies looking for opinions about their products, this will continue to work. You are not going to become a millionaire by doing paid surveys, but it can certainly bring you in a substantial amount of additional income. I’ve participated in a few paid surveys and online focus groups myself and been paid for it. I did this at the beginning of my online career, but prefer to do affiliate marketing these days. Despite this, I feel that paid surveys are an easier alternative to setting up your on website and selling products, so it is ideal for beginners, or people who just want to spend a little time here and there as time permits.


Overall, there are a lot of resources packed into the Maximum Paid Surveys membership and for a one time fee of $39.95 it represents very good value. I’ve checked out a number of different paid surveys resources over the years and this is by far the best. The only downside is that there were a few out of date links in the database. However, this shouldn’t stop you from registering with a large number of paid survey companies.

The site is ideal for people who want to make some additional income, but like everything, you will need to put some effort into this to get a good return. One of the most attractive things is that you can work on this as little or often as you wish, when it suits you and there is no need to be tied into any deadlines.

How do I Signup ?

Just visit the Maximum Paid Surveys page to learn more and sign up.

I hope you found this Maximum Paid Surveys review useful. If you have a question that has not been answered by this review please feel free to post your question below and I’ll do my best to help!

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