One area that I’ve never had any skills or patience for is creating graphics and EBook covers. I’ve tried a few different graphic programs and have always given up and decided to pay a graphic designer whenever I need an  eCover or some graphics done.

A while ago I bought a neat little product called Instant eCover Creator. It sounded like a simple way to create eCovers and at just $9.95 I didn’t have much to lose if it all went pear shaped.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with this tool – not only is it easy to use (even for graphics creation dummies like me), it also created professional looking covers.  This comes in handy if I am creating a free EBook, a bonus for another product or a cheap report and don’t want to invest $50 or $100 getting graphics created.

Here are a few examples of my handy work so far:

graphic created from Instant eCover Creator

This is a cover that I created for my special GDI Bonus Offer. I simply chose a black background, added the blue and  typed in my guide title and a little bit about the guide.

I then chose a graphic (some coins in this case) to add to the guide and added my name and a 100% free banner across the top.

This took around 5 minutes in total.



Here are another two examples of covers that I have created using this software:

eCover Creator examplesThese are bonuses that I provide for people who purcahse my SEO EBook.

Creating a cover is a 4 step process.

1) First you launch the template editor and select one of 4 different styles of templates

2) Next you choose a background, add some icons from a selection and choose a header and footer

3) Next edit the text on the cover to suit you and hit the save button

4) Finally you launch the 3D cover creator and choose the type of cover style. You can choose from soft cover book, hard cover book, modern DVD case, magazine style, PC monitor style and more.

Once you are done you just need to save your 3D cover and upload it to your website.

That’s it – quick and simple to use and creates decent covers that don’t have that home made look about them!

The only downside is that you need to run the software on your own website, but this is probably not too big an issue as most people who want to create an EBook cover will probably have their own site anyway.

Hope you found this review of Instant eCover Creator to be helpful and feel free to post a question below! You can learn more about Instant eCover Creator here.

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