A lot of people ask me – do paid surveys actually work? Will I make money from them?. The answer is yes, but only if you go about it in the correct way. In this post I will give you five cash paid survey tips that do work if you follow them correctly.

1. Join as many free survey sites as you can. One way to develop a large list of companies to take surveys for is to start by joining free paid online survey sites.  When you register with these sites you usually fill in a short screening questionnaire and then you will be sent surveys whenever a new survey becomes available that you meet the criteria for.

2. Treat it like a business. Have you ever watched a friend clip coupons and organize them in a systematic way? This person is more than happy to save several dollars every week and is unwilling to invest time into their coupon business. You should take the same approach when it comes to running a cash survey business. If you take the time to set this up like  a business you will make more money.

3. Work to a Schedule. A lot of people take a haphazard approach to trying to complete surveys online.   If you will set a schedule and work this like a part-time job you will get a lot more done. You will also find you become more effective in the type of surveys you target. This will lead to more income for you

4. Purchase a survey list. If you can’t afford this initially, use some of the profits you earn from the free survey sites to invest in this. There are companies that will sell you a list or access to their own database ofurvey companies where they keep an updated list for  you. This is money well spent because some of the higher-paying survey opportunities are going to be found on these websites. One of the best paid survey companies is Maximum Paid Surveys.

5. Join companies that pay referral income. This is easy money because you get paid for referring new members when they complete surveys. Some  programs even pay a residual income on surveys taken in the future as well. Examples of companies that offer referral income are CashCrate and Blimpy Cash.

If you follow theses cash paid survey tips you will have a much greater potential for increasing your paid survey income. You will also find that you are more effective and your income will grow proportionately.

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