New Lead Capture Page Service

I’ve just launched a brand new lead capture page service. This service is for anyone who has a home business or internet marketing website and has a list (or is trying to build a list) on GetResponse.

The Lead Capture page service includes:

  • 6 High Quality New Home Business & IM EBooks with Giveaway Rights
  • A professional lead capture page that integrates with your Getresponse campaign
  • Lots of great conversion boosting features
  • A thank you page
  • A download page for your subscriber to download all the EBooks
  • Upload of everything to your server

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Review of Keyword Snatcher

I’ve just spent most of today playing around with Keyword Snatcher, a brand new keyword research tool created by Jon Leger, creator of 3 Way links and 1 Way Links.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the tool so far, especially since it has been returning around 3 times as much data as the Google Adwords keyword tool.

I plan on using this tool to create big lists of long tail keywords to use for article marketing and blogging. From what I can see so far, it is going to give me some great keywords to use that I may never have found by using only the Google tool.

You can read my Full Review of Keyword Snatcher here on my SEO Blog. The software is $47 and available only until Friday 25th June to prevent saturation.

If you are reading this after Friday 25th June I can recommend using the Google Adwords Tool and Wordtracker or Keyword Elite instead.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Are you considering joining the Wealthy Affiliate University? If so, read this Wealthy Affiliate Review for all the pros and cons.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Recently Wealthy Affiliate increased their membership price to $97 per month, so you may be wondering whether or not it is worth the money.  Read this Wealthy Affiliate Review (written by someone who has personally been a member) to help you decide whether it is right for you or not.

If you are feeling that $97 per month is too expensive I can also recommend a very similar, high quality affiliate marketing coaching program for less than half the price of  Wealthy Affiliate (scroll down to the bottom of this review for full details).

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How to Find Niche Website Ideas

If you are trying to find niche website ideas where on earth do you start?

As an online marketing coach, I often see people trying to start their niche website business the wrong way around. They set off by designing a website, it can look very professional and they have added in all the latest plugins to make sure the site will be able to perform. Then having spent hours and hours building of the site, they then ask the question what product should I sell or how should I monetize this website?

You niche website design should really be the end result of all your brainstorming sessions. You need to choose and research niche website ideas FIRST and then do all the necessary work on your website. If you are about to build your first niche website then you should consider a niche that interests you or one that you have special knowledge in.

There will be many areas where you have gained knowledge over the years – for example hobbies, your work, children, life experiences and so on. You should sit down and think about all the different problems that you have the answer to. You could now decide to use the old fashion pen and paper to make a list.

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World Cup Giveaway If you want to get into the spirit of the World Cup, while at the same time building your opt-in list, I highly recommend joining the World Cup Giveaway event.

This event is open to joint venture partners until June 11th (Friday) and there are already over 1000 gifts so there is a lot of potential for getting signups to your own list.

All you need to do is register, add your gift and then promote the giveaway event to others. You can join for free or you can upgrade to get more exposure for your gifts.

I’ve participated in a number of these events in the past with great results, adding a couple of hundred new subscribers to my list in some events.

Register for the World Cup Giveaway event here.

You can also learn more about how to participate in these events and register for more events in my JV Giveaway Events page.

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If you are trying to make money online with your own website, one of the smartest things you can do is to build a list. This involves using an autoresponder to capture your visitor’s name and email address (with their permission of course!)

If you look to the right hand side of this page you will see an example of an optin box, offering an EBook in exhange for the visitors name and email address.

Building your list is something that will become easier as you increase the traffic to your website, but how do you actually go about making money from that email opt-in list?

Here are 7 tips based on my experience of marketing online since 2004.

1) Provide useful and interesting content to your susbcribers- whether you are sending broadcasts to your subscribers or using a sequence of follow up messages, ask yourself, would you find this information useful? If you are sending dull, dry information to your subscribers they may end up deleting your messages, or even worse, clicking the unsubscribe link.

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A Cool Money Making Twitter Technique

I just finished watching a free training video that explained a great trick that you can use on Twitter to earn money today.

You can even use this trick if you have no website, no Twitter Followers (or even no Twitter account).

I’ve been using Twitter for a while, but I’ve learned a few new techniques today from this video today.

Just register here to watch the video

This free training, is available this week only and will teach you lots of tricks for driving traffic to your site (and for earning money if you don’t have a website)

In the Training you will discover:

-> a secret for getting traffic that 99% of online marketers don’t know
-> how to use a “set and forget” system to get lots of free search  engine traffic to your website.
-> how to use social media to make a living online (even if you  have never made a dime online).

To learn more just enter your email address here:

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