I’ve got Cabin Fever

Here in Scotland at the moment it’s been snowing a LOT. Despite the fact that we are located in the same latitude as Moscow, Alaska and Quebec, our winters are typically mild. Thanks to the gulf stream we don’t usually get a lot of snow. This means when we get snow, we are not really prepared for it with snow ploughs, snow tires or enough grit.

For this reason, at the moment it seems like the country has ground to a halt. All the schools have been closed for most of this week, the local supermarket shelves are lacking in fruit and veg and people are generally avoiding going out, especially in their car. Not to mention, the Forth road bridge (a suspension bridge similar to the Golden gate bridge, but smaller) has closed due to snow for the first time in history.

Edinburgh Snow

Snow in our driveway

At the moment, one part of me is glad that I run a home business so I don’t have to go out and the other part is feels like I have cabin fever! Most of the time I look out the window it is snowing, raining, hail stoning or sleeting, so I am glad to be in a nice warm house :-) On the other hand I just want to get back to normal life.

Another reason for my boredom may be because I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of days preparing my taxes to send to my accountant. That’s my least favorite work from home task!

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Instant Internet Lifestyle Review

Instant Internet Lifestyle is a video workshop by a successful marketer from the UK called Lee McIntyre and is easily the most valuable product that I have purchased in 2010.

If you are considering purchasing this product, but have a few questions or doubts, you may want to read the Instant Internet Lifestyle review below to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

As with all my product reviews, I actually purchased this product and used it before writing the review, so you can be assured that this is a genuine review, rather than a sales pitch.

What is It?Instant Internet Lifestyle consists of a number of video recordings from a live internet marketing workshop called the “Inside Out Upside Down Workshop”. This workshop lasts 2 days and originally cost $997 a ticket.

How Much is it? – The cost for access to the videos is $19.95 (one-time payment). This is fantastic value considering how much the live workshop cost.

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Instant Affiliate Commissions from PaySpree

Instant Affiliate Commissions from PaySpreeIf you want make money from affiliate programs, but don’t want to wait weeks (or in some cases months) for your commissions you may want to consider using a program that offers Instant Affiliate Commissions.

One great program that I’ve recently come across is PaySpree. PaySpree is similar to Clickbank and PayDotCom, but unlike them it offers instant affiliate commissions. This means that if you make a sale, you will receive your commission via PayPal instantly.

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Drop Shipping 4 Idiots Review

If you want to make money from EBay, it can be difficult to know where to start. Once you’ve sold all your unwanted belongings for cash, what next? One of the best ways to start a business on EBay is to use a Drop Shipping company. A drop shipper will supply and ship your products for you, so all you need to worry about is listing your item on EBay and collecting your payment via PayPal.

I’ve been checking out a lot of drop shipping resources recently and the one I have found most useful is Drop Shipping 4 Idiots. Read my Drop Shipping for Idiots Review below to learn more about this guide and decide whethere or not this is what you need.

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I’ve just finished writing a brand new EBook – 7 of the Best Home Business Ideas. This book is designed to help anyone who is looking for a legitimate way of earning an income online.

You can download this EBook for free just by by signing up for my newsletter.

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5 Cash Paid Survey Tips That Work

A lot of people ask me – do paid surveys actually work? Will I make money from them?. The answer is yes, but only if you go about it in the correct way. In this post I will give you five cash paid survey tips that do work if you follow them correctly.

1. Join as many free survey sites as you can. One way to develop a large list of companies to take surveys for is to start by joining free paid online survey sites.  When you register with these sites you usually fill in a short screening questionnaire and then you will be sent surveys whenever a new survey becomes available that you meet the criteria for.

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If you do any sort of affiliate marketing it is worthwhile learning how to create a PHP Redirect for your affiliate links. If you are not sure what this is or how it benefits you read on!

Whenever you use an affiliate link in an email to your list, on your website, or in a blog post, it is best not to use the affiliate link in its raw form. For example, here is my affiliate link for Ebay:


Quite horrible isn’t it? Not only is it long, it is also very unprofessional looking.

One of the best ways to make this link look shorter and more professional is to create a PHP redirect. The link now looks like this:


Creating a PHP redirect link like this has a few big advantages:
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