If you are trying to find niche website ideas where on earth do you start?

As an online marketing coach, I often see people trying to start their niche website business the wrong way around. They set off by designing a website, it can look very professional and they have added in all the latest plugins to make sure the site will be able to perform. Then having spent hours and hours building of the site, they then ask the question what product should I sell or how should I monetize this website?

You niche website design should really be the end result of all your brainstorming sessions. You need to choose and research niche website ideas FIRST and then do all the necessary work on your website. If you are about to build your first niche website then you should consider a niche that interests you or one that you have special knowledge in.

There will be many areas where you have gained knowledge over the years – for example hobbies, your work, children, life experiences and so on. You should sit down and think about all the different problems that you have the answer to. You could now decide to use the old fashion pen and paper to make a list.

Armed with that list, start to search on the search engines to see how many existing websites come up with the answer to the problem. Take a look at the different sites, you might discover your approach is unique or you could make it unique. This exercise could take you many hours, as you read and look at other websites, learning all the time areas in ways you could make your site different.

Now you have some niche website ideas, you now need to find a unique selling point (USP). This is something that will make your site different to all the other sites out there. You can now start to write content for your site; you can start to find products to sell which are all related to your site. You now have your niche and you need to develop that niche. You need to find little unknown information about that niche which you can then use in your marketing campaign.

When you have knowledge about a niche or are passionate about that niche, then you can write and sell with an authority. You will have an authority which will make people take notice of what you have to say. To get niche website ideas you must start right at the beginning, in a niche you love or know something from, and from there you can develop your business.

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