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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can you Make Money with Affiliate Programs Without Selling?

Do you want to make money from affiliate programs, but don't like the idea of selling? If so, you are not alone - this is a common apprehension from people who are thinking of making money online from affiliate marketing.

However, there are people who make a lot of money online in affiliate marketing and they never sell a product.

In this post I will explain a few options for making money from affiliate programs without selling.

1. Cost Per Action Programs. There are thousands of affiliate marketers earning seven figure incomes in cost per action programs. These used to be referred to as pay per lead programs because the specific action you required your visitor to do was fill out a short lead form.

To refer people to this sort of program, you do not need to sell as they are not purchasing anything (at least initially). You simply direct them to the cost per action program where they will do something like complete a short form, or opt in to receive some software or perhaps a report.

Every time a visitor you refer takes the required action you will earn a commission. Typically the commission are higher than a pay per click commission would be, but still easier to make money on than asking your visitor to actually make a purchase.

2. Two-tier affiliate programs are another way to make money without selling anything yourself. Instead you refer people to join a free affiliate program and you earn money whenever they make a sale. If you like working with people, and training them, this is a good way to get paid on the efforts of others as an affiliate marketer.

3. Contextual advertising programs such as Google Adsense. You have probably seen Google ads on people's websites.

Every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads the website owner will earn money, regardless of whether the visitor actually goes on to purchase something. This could be anywhere from a few pennies per click, to several dollars per click, depending on the market.

Google pays out hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions just on this type of affiliate marketing. This is an easy way to make money as an affiliate because you are not asking your visitors to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketers who make the most money doing these types of programs generally develop large content sites with hundreds or thousands of pages with ads on them or create lots of smaller niche websites. Then they work at driving traffic to these sites and treat Internet marketing as a numbers game.

These were just three examples of how to make money with affiliate programs without selling. All three of these methods do not require you to sell anything, and you can earn a supplemental income or full-time living doing them over time.


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is Stopping You From Achieving Greater Affiliate Marketing Success?

There are many reasons why people do not reach the affiliate marketing success level they expect. There also aren't many people who don't wish that they'd done some things differently in their business.

The key is to understand what's holding you back or the mistakes you made and then overcome them. The best way to learn is from mistakes but often you don't have much time to lose.

With affiliate marketing there are a myriad of mistakes that many people make:

They never build their own list of customers This critical mistake is what limits them from developing and maintaining a list of future buyers.

They don't backlink promotions to their own website or landing page. Instead they link directly to the affiliate program. This stops them from ever knowing how many potential customers they touched and even more importantly, who they were.

They fail to build the all-important relationship before attempting to sell. Affiliate marketing 101 (and salesmanship 101) states that you really have to present yourself as more than just someone trying to make a sale.

They don't diversify their products or networks. Don't put all your eggs in the one basket. Within your own niche you should offer a variety of items that encourage people to build relationships with you and also solve their needs. Think back to any door-to-door salesperson that you ended up buying from in the past. If they solved a problem for you were you more likely to purchase the product? It is no different on the Internet with affiliate marketing.

People like to buy from someone who appears to have their customer's best interest at heart. If you can present yourself as an expert in your niche and someone that customer's can trust, you can gain those customers for life.

They fail to keep in touch continuously with the customers. With so many options on the internet you can't expect customers to automatically come to you. You have to make it easy for them to buy from you.

That is why one of the top ways to become a successful affiliate marketer is to constantly promote to your list via an auto responder. Setting up an email marketing campaign through a autoresponder is the best way to keep in touch with your customers for future sales.

Learn more about how to build an email list here.


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Reasons I Love Being an Affiliate Marketer

The majority of people don't love their job, and I fell into that category myself just a few years ago.

Today I was thinking about how great it was to be a work from home affiliate marketer and how lucky I am not to have to drag myself into an office to do a job that I don't particularly enjoy.

So I have put together a few reasons why I LOVE working from home full time as an affiliate marketer. Hopefully this will inspire you if you are aiming to start or grow your own home business.

1) You don't have to get up too early in the morning - not everyone is a morning person and when I worked full time in an office I found it a struggle to jump out of bed at 7am, especially in the cold dark months of winter. Now that I work for myself I can set the alarm just that little bit later and if I don't feel like getting up, there is always the option of the snooze button.

2) You can work ANYWHERE - as long as you have a wireless internet connection and a laptop you can work wherever you like. I can work in my home office, I can work on the sofa while watching a movie, I can work outside in the garden when the weather is warm (not often here in Scotland) or I can take myself on an "extra vacation" and do a little bit of work each day.

3) You are the BOSS - it is great to be the boss of yourself, rather than have to report to someone else. In my time I have had one or two evil bosses (no names mentioned here). Now if I want to go on vacation, take some time off for an appointment or do the work I enjoy the most rather than the work someone else wants me to do, I can just ask myself (and "yes" is usually the answer!).

4) You Get Fast Visible RESULTS - when you work for a large company it is often difficult to see the direct results of your work. In my work as an affiliate marketer I often see the results of my work the following week or even the following day. A change to my website, or a promotion can result in new signups and sales, which spurs me on and motivates me to do more of the same.

5) You Earn Money while Asleep or on Vacation - the beauty of having websites is that they work while you are asleep, out socializing, on vacation, or when you just don't feel like working. I love logging in in the morning to see these commission emails. I also love coming back from vacation to find that I have made the same amount of sales while I have been sunning myself on a beach.

6) No Worrying about Stock, Inventory or Payment Processing - with affiliate marketing you just have to promote a product using your special affiliate link. You don't need to worry about stocking products, accepting payments, processing credit cards or supporting customers. This is all done by the vendor and you'll often receive 50% commissions for your efforts!

7) You Can do Something you ENJOY - I am very lucky that I love my job. Most of the time when I sit down to do some work, I am looking forward to it and I have fun while I am doing it. There are affiliate products in every niche market that you can imagine, so it is easy to find a subject that you enjoy and turn this into a profitable business.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Different Types of Affiliate Programs

Many people are drawn to affiliate programs as they are a low cost way to make money online. However there are lots of different types of affiliate programs so it is important to understand the differences between these types before jumping in.

Here are some of the most popular types of affiliate programs.

1. Pay per click programs pay when people click on ads you place on your website or blog. Google Adsense is the most popular PPC affiliate program paying out millions of dollars in commissions every year. Other popular programs can be found at Yahoo, MSN, 7Search, SearchFeed, and others.

2. Pay per lead programs are also referred to as cost per action (CPA) programs. You earn money when your visitor performs a specific action such as filling out a lead form or downloading a software application. Because there are so many niches you can promote people earn six and seven-figure incomes with this form of affiliate marketing.

3. Pay per sale programs are pay you for selling products for an affiliate merchant. You are paid to get your visitor to purchase the product earning you a commission on the sale. Almost anything being sold online today has an affiliate program for it.

4. Two-tier affiliate programs pay you for recruiting and teaching people how to make affiliate sales. You get paid whenever the affiliates underneath you sell something. Information products are popular in two tier programs where there is less manufacturing cost to create the product.

You can learn more about how to make money with affiliate programs here.


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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Guide to Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Choosing an affiliate program can be confusing. With so many affiliate networks, companies and products to choose from, how do you decide which affiliate products to promote?

Here are six things to consider when choosing an affiliate programs.

1. Initially you need to think about which niche you want to market. As there are so many affiliate programs to choose between it makes sense to think about the niche before you think about the product. Once you have found a profitable niche with customers who want to buy, you can then decide which affiliate programs to use.

2. You want to be sure that you are promoting affiliate programs that offer high quality products. One way to do that is to actually purchase the products you are going to sell.

You then create product review pages, and pre sell pages where you list your personal experiences about this product. This is an excellent way for you to promote the product and improve your sales.

3. You want to look at the commission percentage that you are going to get paid. If everything else is equal then you should go for the affiliate program that is offering the highest commission percentage. Often there can be big discrepencies between commissions paid by different affiliate programs. The percentage commission paid should be a big factor in your choice.

4. Be sure and read the affiliate agreement so you understand if there are any restrictions on how you can promote your affiliate product.

5. Find out how will you be paid. Affiliate merchants have different payment structures including how often they pay and how they pay. Many affiliate programs pay their affiliates via direct deposit into their bank account or by PayPal.

6. You also need to find out what sort of support you will receive from the affiliate program. Do they have a support helpdesk. What kind of tools will you be provided with to help sell the affiliate products?

You are looking for things such as banner ads, solo ads, email promotions, blog articles, signature file ads and so on. You should also take a good look at the affiliate program's website to ensure that you are happy with it before sending traffic to it.

In summary these are six things to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Even though most affiliate programs do not charge you to join, you want to be sure that you make a good choice as you will be investing your time and energy into promoting their products.

Learn more about Making Money from Affiliate Programs.


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Avoiding Internet Scam Work from Home

Are all work from home jobs scams? This is a question that many people ask every day when searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity. Fortunately the answer is "no". Most work from home jobs are not scams. Read on to learn how you can avoid internet scam work from home.

The best way to avoid internet and affiliate marketing scams is to learn about the type of scams that are possible on the Net. The saying, "Forewarned is forearmed" is perfectly applicable here. Only when you know what you should expect you would be able to avoid the pitfalls involved. Therefore, education on what types of scams have been identified until present is very important.

You Need To Play It Safe To Avoid Internet Marketing & Work from Home Scams

For best results, when you are in doubt about an affiliate program do not take the offer up. Most of us ignore the warnings that come from within us. All of us have an inner radar system that warns us loud and clear when something is just not right. However, most people learn to suppress this warning signal often with disastrous results. Therefore, the first thing is to listen your gut feeling. If you get "that feeling" drop the offer.

To be doubly sure, go for only those affiliate programs and business opportunities which have been recommended by close friends (who have already tried and tested it) or affiliates which have been around for at least five year and gained a positive reputation in the market.

Stick with the big named Marketers as besides security, these affiliate programs are likely to give you the best terms you could get, plus a free website and some tools.

The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Scams

1. Greed is the main helper of affiliate marketing scams. Greed and need make a person blind to reason and this is how most affiliate scams operate. They paint a rosy picture where they make earning money look like child’s play. They make false claims about amazing sums of money which make you feel greedy for the income. In that moment you got that feeling, you are captured by the affiliate marketing scam. In case you do think the affiliate which promises you riches overnight is genuine, just run a search on the Internet and see whether this company is registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau); if not, do not trust it.

2. Desperation is the next helper for the fraudulent Marketer. Are you in need of cash urgently? Do you want continuous streams of income without any effort? Do you want to quit your job and work from home? These are the questions to which each one of us have positive answers. When you are down on cash or suffocated by your job, be very careful on what advertisement you believe and choose to try. It is possible you are stepping into a trap of affiliate marketing scams which instead of giving you money, would demand whatever little money you have remaining on you.

3. Money begets money. Most of us believe in this adage and we feel that if the investment has good prospects, you should make a payment. However, some scams imply that if you want a large payout you need to invest a lot. The problem is that the moment you make an investment, they disappear. Do not pay any large sum of money on the Internet in the hope you will get more. In fact, qualitative affiliate programs would enroll you without any payment, while they would host your website for free and also provide you the latest tools to market the product.

If you are careful and do your research you will be able to choose only the good affiliate programs that are out there and sidestep the affiliate marketing scams of which there are plenty.

About the Author:
Suzanne Morrison is the webmaster of the Internet Business Ideas Website She tests each of the programs mentioned on her website personally before recommending them. For a full list of her tried and tested scam free home businesses have a look at her list of legitimate home businesses

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Making Money with Affiliate Programs

The quickest and most efficient way to earn money online is through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs offer a lot for people who want to start earning some income on the internet with little risk. One of the big advantages is that the majority of affiliate programs do no require any enrollment fees. Simply sign up and you can start promoting the affiliate merchant’s products immediately.

With affiliate programs, it is possible to earn an income almost instantly. Choose an affiliate program, pre-sell the program’s products, and once you refer a person who becomes a paying customer, you will earn some stated commission. The most important part of affiliate marketing is pre-selling. Pre-selling is very different from actually selling the goods. You don’t have to setup a sales page or a payment processing system and you won’t have to worry about the delivery of the product or with refunds. These resonsibilities are met by the affiliate merchant.

All you have to do is to promote the products and lead people to the affiliate merchant’s sales page via your affiliate link. The affiliate merchant will take care of the rest.

Here are some of the steps you will need to take to start earning from affiliate programs:

1. Enrol with the affiliate program
Select the best affiliate program for your needs. Choose affiliate programs that have:
- hot selling products in their inventories. This will make your job easier.
- a good standing in the industry. Do they pay well? Do they pay on time? Do they provide enough support for their affiliates?
- a good pay rate. Affiliate programs pay in the range of 5 to 95% of the sales to their affiliates. But a high commission scheme shouldn’t be your only consideration. After all, what will you do with 95% of the selling price if the affiliate program’s products are not really sellable?
- a suitable payment method. Some affiliate programs have preferred payment processors which may or may not be amenable to your means. Check beforehand if you can actually receive payments from the program. If not, inquire if special arrangements can be made on your behalf.

2. Get your affiliate link
Your affiliate link is the link that you will have to promote to potantial customers. These potential customers will HAVE to click on your affiliate link to be taken to the affiliate merchant’s sales page. It is important that online users will click on your affiliate link, because this is what will inform the affiliate program’s system that a particular visitor was referred by your campaign, and in the event that such a visitor will decide to make a purchase, the appropriate commission should be granted to you.

3. Promote your affiliate link
There are many, many ways by which you can promote your affiliate links. There are hundreds of internet marketing techniques you can explore to maximize the exposure of your affiliate links so that you can achieve the highest number of visitors possible. Remember, it’s a numbers’ game. The more visitors you can lead to the affiliate merchant’s sales page, the more chances you’ll have of referring a successful customer and bagging some commissions.

Remember that you are not limited to a single affiliate program. You can join as many affiliate programs as you like, with each affiliate link providing an income stream for your benefit.

Find out about some of the most popular affiliate programs and affiliate networks.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

James Martell's Online Affiliate Bootcamp

Online BootCamp Gets Affiliate Marketers Making Money Quickly By Reducing Learning Curve And Providing Answers

By Kellie Fowler

If you’re struggling to keep up with busy schedules, growing time constraints, escalating financial issues, and a family that you yearn to spend more time with, you’re not alone.

Like you, more and more people are fed up with the 9-5 grind and with putting in overtime hours and efforts that go above and beyond only to receive disappointing paychecks.

Understandably, they feel they are missing out on life and looking for legitimate ways to generate additional revenue without resorting to just another low-paying part-time job.

And, as many of these people have found, the answer they are looking for can be found in affiliate marketing.

With little start-up costs and the only resources needed including just a computer and Internet access, this online publishing business is freeing people up to live their lives to the fullest, all
the while finally achieving financial freedom, while simultaneously spending more quality time with family and friends.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

Better yet, you can learn the techniques and strategies used every day by James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, in his online course, to be conducted one evening per week for eight weeks.

It’s called the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp - Online "Night School" Edition and “seats” do fill up fast!

Why? Because Martell has been successfully teaching students how to create profitable affiliate marketing businesses for years.

See for yourself what one Martell student says about the BootCamp training:

“In the past, I've attended several seminars with multiple speakers. None came close to James' powerful, articulate, hands-on, gritty presentation. He's by far the best Instructor I've been privy to hearing... and grasping.”

Martell BootCamp student Darryl Ruff agrees:

“I’m a slow learner, but James makes things simple to understand. Would I attend another BootCamp as a refresher? In a heartbeat!”

Martell’s BootCamp students consistently give the training an enthusiastic thumbs-up, with BootCamp student Sheldon Smollan calling the BootCamp “a genesis opportunity.”

But never before has this “opportunity” been offered online, allowing Martell’s students to save time, money and the associated travel, which means everyone now has the chance to achieve true online success – and from the comfort of their own homes, with Martell looking over their shoulder every step of the way and available to answer questions, address concerns, and more.

So, even if you already have Martell’s top-selling Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook, or listen to his engaging weekly audio newsletter, the Affiliate Buzz, this online course curriculum may be just what you need to propel your online efforts to sure-fire success.

And if you are not familiar with “Martell’s book, buzz and bootcamp” (as they are referred to throughout the industry), you can get everything you need now in this exciting and informative first ever online BootCamp course.

“I believe my experience at (Martell’s off-line) BootCamp was the best investment I've ever made in myself, in my family, and in our dreams, explains BootCamp attendee Denis Vaillancourt. This opportunity has energized and motivated me to get to the next level of my affiliate marketing career. I'm confident in my future success now because of me BootCamp experience.”

Understanding from students like Vaillancourt the overwhelmingly positive impact the BootCamp has made on their personal, professional, and financial lives, Martell has searched for some time for a way to personally deliver his training “live” to his worldwide audience, but it wasn’t until recently that he found the robust technology he felt truly mirrored the personal training he painstakingly delivers through his off-line BootCamps.

So, just a few weeks back when Martell was exposed to an online conference room that would allow him to present the entire BootCamp using his PowerPoint presentation, live videos and live audio feeds, he knew he found the answer - and the first ever online affiliate marketer’s course curriculum was born.

Structured much like a night-school course, the curriculum will be delivered by Martell “live” in eight classes.

Martell will dedicate each class to covering one of the eight steps outlined in his recently refreshed Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook - "2006" (THIRD EDITION).

Students can watch via the Internet as Martell personally delivers the powerful tutorials that allow students to watch him as goes step-by-step through all the stages of building a website, finding products to promote, determining which companies to partner with as affiliates, adding keyword-rich content to his site and submitting his site to the search engines.

What’s more, Martell’s online students will participate in live, interactive question and answer sessions, and be on track to complete weekly assignments all of which, when added together, make the online BootCamp experience as effective as the off-line BootCamp experience.

And because you’re learning from someone who uses these same eight steps day-in and day-out to maintain his own enviable success, you bypass the steep learning curve associated with affiliate marketing and can be up and running and making money in a matter of weeks, after implementing Martell’s proven eight steps - which have more than withstood the test of time,
much like Martell himself.

What this means for you is that you can get your online business up and running faster and you can be assured that, once you implement the eight steps just as Martell details them, you’ll be on your way to making money – be it part-time or full-time – from the comfort of your own

Now, you really can take control of your future and your family’s future and steer it in the direction of financial freedom, allowing you to determine how much you work and even how much you make.

So, the big question is: What’s stopping you?

You and your family are worth it and this online training is, as Martell’s students have pointed out, the chance of a lifetime.

All you have to do is grab it.

For more information, and for class schedules, visit Affiliate Marketers's Bootcamp

About The Author

Kellie Fowler is a successful freelance writer and a seasoned professional providing valuable insight and advice to those wanting to create work at home business for themselves. Her numerous articles offer real-life tips and techniques to those looking for a way out of the rat race.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Review of Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books is a brand new affiliate program that allows you to promote downloadable Audio books from a store of over 6000 books, including fiction, health, history, self help, business and more.

You can join Leisure Audio Books for free and there is no need to have your own website. Leisure Audio books provides a link which you can use to send people to your own audio bookstore for a 15% commission on all sales.

Since Leisure Audio Books is so new I thought it would be worth writing an FAQ style review of this affiliate program/business opportunity. Here are some answers to questions you may have about Leisure Audio Books.

What sort of products are available from Leisure Audio Books?
As mentioned there are a huge range of downloadable audio books available in MP3 or WMA format. Categories include arts & drama, biography, business, crimes & thrillers, fiction, foreign language study, health & recreation, history, humor, juvenile, radio shows, religion & spiritual, self help and TV & Film.

You can look at the full selection of over 6000 books at the Leisure Audio Books Retail Store.

How much to I get paid?
As a basic free Silver member you will be paid 15% commission on all Audio book sales. Gold Members are paid 20% and Platinum members 25%. You are also paid a recurring commission on memberships. The rates for this are 15% for Silver members, 25% for Gold members and 50% for Platinum members.

How and when do I get paid?
You will be paid by paypal in the first week of every month. If paypal doesn't suit you it is possible to be paid by check for an administration fee.

How much is it to join?
It is free to join as a Silver member earning 15% commission. If you wish to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum level it is $12.95 per month for Gold and $24.95 per month for Platinum. Discounts are available when you first join or if you pay annually

Do I need my own website?
Having your own website helps, but you can join Leisure Audio Books even if you don't have a website. You could promote it on your blog, or advertise the link in a forum or email signature, use pay per click advertising or just let your friends and family know about your store.

What help & promotional tools are available?
Leisure Audio books have an extensive selection of helpful tools in their back office. There is an extensive help/faq page, a promotional page with suggestions on how to promote Leisure Audio books incuding sample classified ads, blog posts, emails, business card templates, splash pages, squeeze pages and more. There is also a section on "Getting Started" explaining step by step what you need to do to promote Leisure Audio books. If you want to promote specific sections of the store e.g. business audios only or self help audios only you can easily generate links for these sections, as well as graphical and non graphical links to specific products. They also provide a good range of promotional banners and a banner rotator. Overall I was pretty impressed with the back office. There is a lot more there than I normally find when I join an affiliate program.

How do I Join?
You can signup to Leisure Audio Books from this link

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Monday, May 28, 2007

I am soon to be a Full Time Internet Marketer

Well, it's almost 3 years since I took my first steps in Internet Marketing and joined SFI and the Plug-In Profit Site.

I'm please to say that starting on Friday 1st June I will become a full time Internet Marketer!

It has taken me almost 3 years, but it has certainly been worth the effort. My first four months or so were pretty fruitless, as I learned the ropes, advertised somewhat unsuccessfully and gained experience through trial and error.

After about 4 months I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel and started to make a small profit.

Last year I took the plunge and cut down my working hours at my day job (I'm in the software development industry) and at the moment, it's lunchtime on a Monday at work and I'm counting the hours until the end of a week when I wave goodbye to the workplace, hopefully for good! I'm so excited :-)

At the moment I am receiving the majority of my income from the Plug-In Profit Site. This is the opportunity that helped me to learn about internet marketing. It is thanks to the top affiliate programs that make up the Plug-In Profit Site and the residual income of these programs I am able to make the transition to a full time work at home internet marketer.

In addition to this I also have a few sites in different niches. I have a travel site, a site on which I sell my own E-Book on Florence, a Yoga site, a wedding site and various small adsense sites. I plan to continue promoting these sites, add a few more to the collection and also spend some time doing website updates and SEO related consultancy for webmasters.

They say that 95% of people fail in affiliate marketing, but I encourage people who are seeing no results in the intial few months to stick with it. Keep trying different things and learn from all the great internet Marketing forums on the web. Perseverance certainly pays in this business!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Affiliate Classroom Magazine for February 07

Here is the February edition of Affiliate Classroom Magazine. This is a free magazine which is packed full of ideas for affiliates.

Download Affiliate Classroom Magazine, February 2007

This issue includes:

  • Top 5 Affiliate Programs for February
  • How to increase your conversion rates
  • Adding revenue streams to your site

Download the February 2007 edition of Affiliate Classroom now.

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