Internet Marketing Coaching ProgramInternet Marketing Coaching programs such as the Affiliate Power Group can help you in a number of ways, including motivation, technical skills, marketing ideas, creating a sense of community, giving you accountability, speeding up your progress and much more.

These types of programs are often suitable for complete beginners and more experienced marketers, but be sure to research the different coaching programs available before deciding on the right one for you.

Here are a few ways that coaching programs can help you with your online business:

  • They can help you to set up a website or a blog
  • They can teach you how to get traffic (visitors) to your website or blog
  • If something isn’t working for you they can help you understand why and what you are doing wrong
  • They can critique your website for you
  • They can help you to improve the conversion of your website and make more sales

Perhaps most importantly internet marketing coaching programs can help you make your internet business more profitable much more quickly than you could do on your own.

I’ve been coaching for a few years now and I am one of the four coaches at the Affiliate Power Group (APG). Our aim is to offer affordable coaching to help people succeed with their affiliate businesses. It is common for an internet marketing coach to charge hundreds of dollars just for an hour of their time and many people find that they simply can’t afford this, especially as there is no guarantee of success. With the Affliate Power Group we offer coaching for less than $25 per mointh if you sign up for a full year and we also offer a 10 day trial for $1 so you can be sure that it is right for you before you start.

You may be wondering exactly how an online coaching program like this works, so here is a quick overview of how we do things at the APG.

We offer coaching at 3 different levels. Level 1 is for people who don’t have a website yet – we can help you to find a good niche and set up your website as quickly as possible. Level 2 is for people who already have their own website – you will work your way through our proven 12 week traffic plan, which covers all the best ways to get visitors to your website using free and low cost methods. Level 3 is for members who have completed our traffic plan. We’ll critique their website, suggest areas for improvement and work with them to devise a monthly action plan that suits their time and budget.

Our coaching is done in a private forum. We keep the costs low for members by conducting all our coaching inside a forum. This forum can only be seen by other members and you’ll get your own special 1-1 thread inside this forum just for you. You can ask questions and get an answer quickly, often within a few hours and you’ll always get an answer from at least one of the coaches. If your question is private we also have a private message system and a helpdesk.

We have extensive training. So you can stop buying all these EBooks and training courses! In the members area you’ll find training covering almost everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Our training covers keyword research, SEO, list building, article marketing, backlink building, CPA, forum marketing, pay per click advertising, social marketing, technical webmaster stuff, WordPress, FTP,  joint ventures, outsourcing and much more.

The best way to decide whether an internet marketing coaching program is right for you is to take a trial membership and participate. You can try the Affiliate Power Group’s 10 day trial for $1 here.

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