How Does Facebook Advertising Work?Are you considering using Facebook to advertise your business or website online? If so, have a read of these Facebook advertsing dos and don’ts to help you make the right choices!

Facebook Dos

1) Determine your marketing objectives. Knowing what they are will help you decide on which metrics to use in order to find out if your campaign is working.

2. Know who your audience are. Facebook is an advertising channel that will allow you to target your ads to the specific group of people that will take interest in your brand. Know who they are so you can target your ads correctly otherwise you will only be throwing your money away.

3. Be creative with your ads. You will still be competing with others in the same market so every time your ad is showing, make it count. You can give an exclusive offer to people that they will not be able to find anywhere else and for sure this will grab their attention.

4. Change your ads once in a while. Creating multiple variations can make a major difference and will likely get you more clicks. Updating and checking on them regularly is also important to make sure everything’s working, as they should, and that the ad leads people to the right pages.

Facebook Don’ts

1. Don’t use boring or generic images for your ads. Instead of using logos and stock photos, you will get a better response if you use a more “personalized” image.

2. Don’t forget your business page. You might be too caught up in coming up with the best advertisements that you forget to update your page. This is a mistake that will have dire consequences. Even if you get thousands of likes every week, if your page looks abandoned, with little to no interaction between you and your fans, then they will “unlike” your page eventually.

3. Don’t use the ads to directly sell something. Facebook is not an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon. People access Facebook to interact with their friends and family so if your ad looks like a glaring sales page, then you will not be able to get the results you want. Getting “Likes” and “Shares” will give you a more favorable outcome.

4. Don’t spend more than what your budget allows. Some businesses might be tempted to spend big bucks on advertising without even analyzing if their ads are working. Start with a small budget until such time you are already able to identify the ads that are bringing in more clicks. And even then, you should still be careful with your spending.

Take these Facebook advertising dos and don’ts into consideration before you start and you’ll be a step ahead of most advertisers!

For some tips on using Facebook effectively to generate leads watch this video.

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