Here in Scotland at the moment it’s been snowing a LOT. Despite the fact that we are located in the same latitude as Moscow, Alaska and Quebec, our winters are typically mild. Thanks to the gulf stream we don’t usually get a lot of snow. This means when we get snow, we are not really prepared for it with snow ploughs, snow tires or enough grit.

For this reason, at the moment it seems like the country has ground to a halt. All the schools have been closed for most of this week, the local supermarket shelves are lacking in fruit and veg and people are generally avoiding going out, especially in their car. Not to mention, the Forth road bridge (a suspension bridge similar to the Golden gate bridge, but smaller) has closed due to snow for the first time in history.

Edinburgh Snow

Snow in our driveway

At the moment, one part of me is glad that I run a home business so I don’t have to go out and the other part is feels like I have cabin fever! Most of the time I look out the window it is snowing, raining, hail stoning or sleeting, so I am glad to be in a nice warm house :-) On the other hand I just want to get back to normal life.

Another reason for my boredom may be because I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of days preparing my taxes to send to my accountant. That’s my least favorite work from home task!

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