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Friday, February 26, 2010

Internet Business Newsletter - February 2010

I've just published my Internet Business Newsletter for February.

In this issue you will find:

1) A discussion about why many internet marketers fail to make it online. Not that I am trying to be negative, but more so you can prevent this happening to you!

2) A free report that explains how to create your own website. You can also brand this report with 6 affiliate IDs and make money by giving it away!

3) Business Idea Spotlight for this month - multiple streams of income in one website.

If you have any comments or questions on this newsletter please just leave a comment below!


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How a Home Business Ezine can Help your Business

It is extremely competitive in the home business market today, so I have often wondered why more people do not publish their own home business ezine. It offers a great number of advantages that home business owners without an ezine do not have.

Here are 5 ways that publishing your own home business ezine can help you:

1. You can directly promote your ezine as opposed to your business opportunity. This is a big advantage because everyone else is trying to convince people to join their home business opportunity.

By taking a backdoor approach you will increase the number of names and email addresses you have for your ezine subscribers. Over time this will allow you to increase the number of new members you have in your home business as well.

2. Branding yourself as an expert is easier to do when you publish an ezine. This is especially true if you offer quality content.

Consider yourself lucky if you like to write. You can come up with all kinds of articles for your subscribers that are not already online.

However, if you do not like to write you can use the Internet to find creative articles online already that you can republish. In each issue you can add an introduction and a closing and people will still feel like you are the expert even though you do not write all of the content.

3. You can sell advertising in your ezine or you can advertise your own products or affiliate products. Over the years millions of dollars of products have been sold in home business ezines.

This is because your subscribers come to trust you and when you run an ad, or offer a referral for product, they are more likely to purchase it.

4. Ezines do not cost any money to publish and you can reach a world wide audience. If you represent products in your home business that are Internet based you can sell them to people all around the world and do it right in your ezine.

5. You can use your ezine to build your business in other ways. For example if you have a blog you can publish your ezine on your blog. This gives you potential new traffic and subscribers as well.

These are just a few ways that having your own home business ezine can help you to be more successful with your own business.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Affiliate Power Site - A new and exciting program

I'm very excited to announce a brand new program - My Affiliate Power Site. This is a program that I've been working very hard on with Ken Troyer over the last 6 months.

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to be able to make a full time income online.

The main reason for this is that I have my own website and list.

If there was one thing that I could recommend to any new person starting out it would be to get your own website so you can focus on building traffic to your site and signups to your list.

Unfortunately, setting up a website can be challenging or very expensive (or both) and if you are new and don't have many technical skills it can be easy to give up due to sheer frustration or lack of money.

Even if you do get your own website, it can often be even more difficult to make changes to it - you need to either be an expert in HTML or understand how to use a special website editor and upload files to your website.

That's why we decided to come up with a website that was both easy and affordable to setup AND could easily be modified and maintained by the owner, without the need for any fancy techie knowledge!

I'm pleased to say that after many months or research and hard work we have come up with the perfect solution:

My Affiliate Power Site - an affiliate website that is very affordable and EASY as pie to make changes to.

This website is so user friendly, it allows you to change the colors, the text, the width, the font and add pages and menu items with out knowing a single bit of HTML.

As long as you understand how to use the internet and send an email to someone you will be able to make this website your own.

You can get started with our system for free by visiting the link below:

If you already have your own website you can also join your system and promote 6 streams of income from a single affiliate link:

Get started now and you could have your own website up and running within the next 48 hours.

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