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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ebay Auction Classified Cash Review

I've recently finished reading Tracey Edward's Ebook Auction Classified Cash, which is all about how to make money using classified ads on Ebay.

If you are looking for a new way to get traffic to your website, build your mailing list or sell affiliate products then this may be the guide for you.

This book was especially interesting to me as I have always wanted to use Ebay to try and generate leads for my business, but being quite inexperienced with Ebay (apart from buying!), I never fully understood how to do this.

Here is a review of the Auction Classified Cash Ebook to help you decide whether or not this is something that will be beneficial for your business.

What is in the Ebook?
The main areas of the ebook are:
-Why Classified Ads?
-How to List a Classified Ad
-Types of Classified Ads that make money
- Case Studies

The book is great for Ebay novices as it explains everything you need to know about what you can and cannot do with classified ads on Ebay and there is also a step by step guide to actually creating your ad.

It also has a lot for more experienced Ebay users as Tracey explains from her own experience what the optimum time period for running an ad is, how to choose the right category for your ad, the most profitable layout for an ad and how to get more traffic to your ad - all things that will help you save money if you are listing an ad for the first time.

Case Studies
She also gives an indepth explanation of one of her own Ebay Classifieds that has a 30% conversion rate and shares with you the exact layout of her ad and how much traffic she received.

The book includes a case study of how one of her friends made $200 in a month from placing an ad for an affiliate product on Clickbank. The case study explains how he chose the product, researched the keywords for the ad and created the ad, plus you find out how many clicks that ad received and how many people bought the ebook.

How much is is?
Auction Classified Cash is a 55 page long Ebook currently priced at $29.99 and also includes some bonus classified ad templates for use on Ebay.

My Verdict:
Over all I was highly impressed with this Ebook - it covers everything you need to know without any fluff. I was able to easily use the instructions to create my first classified ad on Ebay, which is now receiving traffic and opt-ins! The case studies included all the details of real successful ads, which was really helpful.

To get your own copy of Auction Classified Cash just visit the Auction Classified Cash website.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Ways to Get More Traffc to Your Blog

You can have the sexiest blog on the planet but if you are not getting any visitors to it, the only person that will know about it is you!

Read on to find out six ways to increase the traffic to your blog.

1. Search engines can deliver a tremendous amount of traffic to your blog if they want to. The key is using well researched keywords in every post so that you can achieve a high ranking that people will see when they search.

As your blog articles settle in with a search engine it is possible to stay on page one for a targeted keyword phrase for years. Doing this will give you a great potential for future traffic.

2. Social bookmarking can bring you traffic as well as serve as search engine bait. Bookmarking your blog posts to Digg, Stumbleupon, Propeller, and others is a great way to get traffic to your blog.

3. Getting RSS subscribers is a fantastic way to keep people current whenever you update your blog content. This can bring people back to your blog and is a very good alternative to email marketing for list building as well.

4. Post comments on other people's blogs and include a link back to your blog. This will give you a backlink which will help your search engine ranking, as well as give you traffic from the readers of the other blog.

5. Do article marketing and submit your articles to the top directories online. In your resource box include a link to your blog. As you build up lots of articles online you will continue to get traffic from these links for years to come.

6. You can also use social media such as posting in online forums, creating videos, social networking and podcasting to get more traffic to your blog.

In summary these were 6 ways to get traffic to your blog. The important thing is to post interesting, unique or unusual content and really make people want to come back to your blog again and again.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to Get Backlinks

One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is getting back links to your website. A back link is simply a link from another website to your website. The more backlinks you have, the more chance you have of beating your competitors and getting more traffic to your website.

Here are 10 ideas on how to get backlinks:

1. Write and submit articles to article directories. Include a resource box with a link pointing back to your website. To increase the number of back links used a mass article submission service to reach hundreds of directories for one article.

2. Make comments in online discussion forums. Create an author resource box that includes a link back to your website containing your target keywords.

3. Post comments in other peoples' blogs. Only post in blogs where you are allowed to include your website URL. Make sure that the blogs you are commenting on will post a live link (without the nofollow attribute)

4. Run ads in ezines that are archived online. You can use an ad service such as My Wizard Ads to place one ad in multiple ezines at a time.

5. Exchange links with other webmasters. Join a reciprocal linking or a three way linking service and reach hundreds of link trade partners at a time.

6. Submit your website to directories. There are literally thousands of directories you can submit your website to on the internet.

7. Write a press release and submit it online including a link to your website. Any time you have something new to announce about your company issue a press release.

8. Add your testimonial to product launches. If you are an established business people will be happy to include your testimonial on their new product.

9. Create a "link to me" page on your homepage. If people like your site they will refer you naturally by adding your link to theirs

10. Write short articles on the same theme of your website and send them to ezine publishers. This is also a great way to get free advertising without actually purchasing it.

These are just 10 ways you can get backlinks to your website. There are plenty of other ways to get backlinks. It just takes a bit of thinking outside the box!


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Friday, October 03, 2008

A Home Business or a Work from Home Job? What's the Difference?

Many people want to make money from home and the internet is making that goal much easier to achieve. Before you start your research one thing that you should try and understand is the difference between a home business and a work from home job.

Now, let's take a look at a couple of the differences between home businesses and work at home jobs and how they could affect whether you make money or not.

People that are entrepreneurial by nature tend to do better running their own home business. They enjoy being their own boss and love the challenge of building something from the ground up. Having a business of your own from home is a great way to make money, however you have no guarantees of a paycheck on a steady basis.

This means that it is advisable to have some money saved or alternatively you may want to continue to work full time or part time while you work on your own business. Today telecommuting makes it possible for people to work from home for companies without actually going into an office to do it.

For example websites such as match employers with employees who want to stay home and work. This is just one form of a work from home job that you can find. Other things you can do that are really more along the lines of a job to include data entry, typing at home, writing articles for people, creating graphics, answering the phone, and so on. You are not really building a business yet you are providing a skill that people will pay you for.

There are advantages to both having your own home business and a work from home job and it is worth baring these in mind when you make the decision whether to start a home business or a work from home job. The choice is strictly up to you!

Visit my legitimate business opportunities page for ideas on how to start a home business or a work from home job.

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