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Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 Things I can do now that I Work from Home Full Time

What can you do now that you are a full time internet marketer?

There are lots of advantages of working at home full time. I didn't realise just how many until I became a full time work at home internet marketer :-)

Here are some things I can do that I could never do in the office:

(1) Start the day lying in bed in my jim jams drinking a nice big latte andanswering all my emails.
(2) Watch day time TV or a good film while I work
(5) Have a home beauty session while I work (face mask, foot moisturizing treatment, body wrap)
(4) Dance around the room like a mad woman when a good song comes on the radio
(5) Work in my underwear if I am feeling too hot (not often in Scotland)
(6) Work in the back garden on my laptop, in the sunshine while eating an ice lolly. (again not often in Scotland)
(7) Stand on my head for a few minutes when I feel sluggish and need some more blood circulation to the brain
(8) Go and say hello to the animals in the zoo round the corner when I am feeling lonely during the day
(9) have a large glass of vino in the afternoon if it all gets too much for me.
(10) Take the whole day off whenever I want because I am the boss.

Ok, so I don't do all of these things every day, but at least I know they are available tome when I feel like it!

What can you do now that you work from home full time or what do you want to do when you work from home full time?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Guide to Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Choosing an affiliate program can be confusing. With so many affiliate networks, companies and products to choose from, how do you decide which affiliate products to promote?

Here are six things to consider when choosing an affiliate programs.

1. Initially you need to think about which niche you want to market. As there are so many affiliate programs to choose between it makes sense to think about the niche before you think about the product. Once you have found a profitable niche with customers who want to buy, you can then decide which affiliate programs to use.

2. You want to be sure that you are promoting affiliate programs that offer high quality products. One way to do that is to actually purchase the products you are going to sell.

You then create product review pages, and pre sell pages where you list your personal experiences about this product. This is an excellent way for you to promote the product and improve your sales.

3. You want to look at the commission percentage that you are going to get paid. If everything else is equal then you should go for the affiliate program that is offering the highest commission percentage. Often there can be big discrepencies between commissions paid by different affiliate programs. The percentage commission paid should be a big factor in your choice.

4. Be sure and read the affiliate agreement so you understand if there are any restrictions on how you can promote your affiliate product.

5. Find out how will you be paid. Affiliate merchants have different payment structures including how often they pay and how they pay. Many affiliate programs pay their affiliates via direct deposit into their bank account or by PayPal.

6. You also need to find out what sort of support you will receive from the affiliate program. Do they have a support helpdesk. What kind of tools will you be provided with to help sell the affiliate products?

You are looking for things such as banner ads, solo ads, email promotions, blog articles, signature file ads and so on. You should also take a good look at the affiliate program's website to ensure that you are happy with it before sending traffic to it.

In summary these are six things to consider when choosing an affiliate program. Even though most affiliate programs do not charge you to join, you want to be sure that you make a good choice as you will be investing your time and energy into promoting their products.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make Money from Niche Marketing

If you are a beginner online or if you have been trying to make money from a "home business" or "make money" website without success you may want to consider Niche marketing.

Niche Marketing is all about building a website for a particular niche, promoting that website and making money from affiliate programs, adsense, cost per action (CPA) or perhaps even your own product or service.

A niche can be a large or a small niche and could be a hobby, a sport that you like to watch or participate in, a place that you like to visit, or perhaps just something that you have an interest in.

Examples of niches are: playing tennis, dog training, Thai cookery, visiting Orlando, Hatha Yoga, 1960s movies, scrapbooking, improving golf, digital photography, becoming vegetarian, exercise for the over 50s, fly fishing, buying a home....

The possibilities are endless, but it makes sense to choose an area that you have a strong interest in. This way, you will find working on your website an enjoyable task rather than something you dread.

So how does someone go about getting started with Niche Marketing?

There are many things to think about including:
  • finding a niche
  • researching your niche
  • assessing the competition
  • researching your keywords
  • building your website
  • adding content to your website
  • monetizing your website
  • promoting your webaite

If you feel that this is a daunting task list or you don't have experience in all of these areas you may want to consider getting someone more experienced to help you out.

This is where the Niche Power Group comes in. Myself and 5 others who all make a full time income from home have got together and will take you by the hand and mentor you as you put together a niche website from scratch, or take your existing website into profitabilty. We can help kick start you into action and help you whenever you have a question or when the going gets tough!

To find out more just visit the Niche Power Group and register to be notified of a special offer when we launch in September 2008!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Are you considering taking the plunge and working from home full time?

At the time of writing this I have been working from home full time for just over one year. Prior to that I spent 12 years working full time for a large company. Before I decided to work from home full time I had to consider carefully why I wanted to do this and what the advantages and disadvantages were going to be. Here are what I see as the main positives and negatives, based on my experience from both sides of the fence.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

(1) Lonelyness - if you are a people person like me, one thing you will probably miss most when you make the transition from full time work to working from home is contact with other people. At first I missed having people to talk to all the time and going for coffee and a chat each day with my coworkers. If you are working alone from home you just need to be sure to have some contact with others. You could do this by meeting people for a quick lunch, going to the gym during the day, arranging to meet friends more often in the evening, partnering with other people for certain parts of your business or joining a club.

(2) No Perks or Benefits - you may be used to having benefits such as medical insurance, bonuses, pension contributions and a car allowance. When you begin working for yourself from home full time you will lose these perks and benefits. For this reason you need to make sure that you are able to earn enough money to cover your existing salary and benefits if you need to.

(3) Never ending Workload and responsibility - as the owner of your own work from home business it may sometimes seem like the work is never ending. It is much easier for your working day to flow over into the evening and you could find yourself working much longer hours, especially in the beginning when you are struggling to make enough money. If something isn't working or if a crisis arises then you have the responsibility for fixing the problem.

Advantages of Working from Home

(1) Freedom - freedom is one of the biggest advantages of working for yourself. You can work the hours that you want to work rather than being in an office 9 till 5 every day. If you are not a morning person you can always have a long lie each day and start work a little later. If you need to go to an appointment in the middle of the day you don't need to ask the boss. If you want to spend time with the kids when they get home from school you can do this. If it is nice weather outside you can go out and sit in the garden for a while or even do some work outside... and so the list goes on!

(2) Earning Potential - as an employee you are usually constrained by grades and salary brackets. Your pay rises are normally decided by your boss and may be subject to budgets and sometimes company cutbacks. As the owner of your own business you have a huge potential to make a lot more money than you did as an employee and you can choose to pay yourself as much of this as you desire.

(3) Job satisfaction - when you are your own boss you can decide what work to do yourself and what to outsource. For example, if you don't enjoy doing the financial side of things you can outsource this. You can keep the work that you enjoy most for yourself and pay others to do the work that you enjoy the least. As an employee of a company you won't always have this luxury.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. It certainly pays to consider these and other potential pros and cons before taking such a big step in life.

About the Author:

Suzanne is a full time work from home business owner. Visit one of her websites to read home business opportunity reviews