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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stay at Home Moms Business Opportunity

There is no more noble profession than being a mom. Unfortunately in today's economy having more than one income is necessary. For this reason more mothers are looking for a stay at home business opportunity that allows them to manage their time and also make money.

Here is a possible opportunity that would allow you to work part-time at home as a mom and continue to be a full-time success in that fantastic career.

You should consider starting an Internet business of your own. The great thing about the Internet is it allows you to control your schedule so you can be there for your kids when you need to be.

There are many different ways to make money on the Internet. One of the most common ways that mothers are making money on the Internet today is to start their own affiliate marketing business.

As an affiliate marketer you get paid to sell other people's products, therefore you have a broad range of possible products to choose from.

Depending on the age of your kid, you might want to start an affiliate marketing business around the theme of babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, or even college kids. You will be able to find products to sell and every one of these niches.

One thing that is beneficial about being an affiliate marketer is you never have to handle the product that you actually sell. You don't even have to collect the money. All of this is done for you by the affiliate merchant.

Your job is to market the affiliate product and sell it. This creates an excellent opportunity for moms to start their own home businesses because they can focus on being Internet marketers and not many of the other things that go with being a business owner in many instances.

When you have an Internet business it is working 24 hours a day even though you are not. It's more than possible to create a full-time income working part-time hours online.

You may find that you work best in the morning while before your kids get up. Some moms get more work done when the kids are off to school. And yet others are night owls and work best after everyone has gone to bed.

It really doesn't matter because as we say the Internet is open 24 hours a day and you are able to control your own schedule, when you have your own home business. The key is that on a part-time business finding the right stay at home moms business opportunity can equal full-time success for you.

About the Author:
Suzanne Morrison is a full time affiliate marketer and works from home on the internet. You can find the right Stay at Home Moms Business Opportunity for you on her website.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Avoiding Internet Scam Work from Home

Are all work from home jobs scams? This is a question that many people ask every day when searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity. Fortunately the answer is "no". Most work from home jobs are not scams. Read on to learn how you can avoid internet scam work from home.

The best way to avoid internet and affiliate marketing scams is to learn about the type of scams that are possible on the Net. The saying, "Forewarned is forearmed" is perfectly applicable here. Only when you know what you should expect you would be able to avoid the pitfalls involved. Therefore, education on what types of scams have been identified until present is very important.

You Need To Play It Safe To Avoid Internet Marketing & Work from Home Scams

For best results, when you are in doubt about an affiliate program do not take the offer up. Most of us ignore the warnings that come from within us. All of us have an inner radar system that warns us loud and clear when something is just not right. However, most people learn to suppress this warning signal often with disastrous results. Therefore, the first thing is to listen your gut feeling. If you get "that feeling" drop the offer.

To be doubly sure, go for only those affiliate programs and business opportunities which have been recommended by close friends (who have already tried and tested it) or affiliates which have been around for at least five year and gained a positive reputation in the market.

Stick with the big named Marketers as besides security, these affiliate programs are likely to give you the best terms you could get, plus a free website and some tools.

The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Scams

1. Greed is the main helper of affiliate marketing scams. Greed and need make a person blind to reason and this is how most affiliate scams operate. They paint a rosy picture where they make earning money look like child’s play. They make false claims about amazing sums of money which make you feel greedy for the income. In that moment you got that feeling, you are captured by the affiliate marketing scam. In case you do think the affiliate which promises you riches overnight is genuine, just run a search on the Internet and see whether this company is registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau); if not, do not trust it.

2. Desperation is the next helper for the fraudulent Marketer. Are you in need of cash urgently? Do you want continuous streams of income without any effort? Do you want to quit your job and work from home? These are the questions to which each one of us have positive answers. When you are down on cash or suffocated by your job, be very careful on what advertisement you believe and choose to try. It is possible you are stepping into a trap of affiliate marketing scams which instead of giving you money, would demand whatever little money you have remaining on you.

3. Money begets money. Most of us believe in this adage and we feel that if the investment has good prospects, you should make a payment. However, some scams imply that if you want a large payout you need to invest a lot. The problem is that the moment you make an investment, they disappear. Do not pay any large sum of money on the Internet in the hope you will get more. In fact, qualitative affiliate programs would enroll you without any payment, while they would host your website for free and also provide you the latest tools to market the product.

If you are careful and do your research you will be able to choose only the good affiliate programs that are out there and sidestep the affiliate marketing scams of which there are plenty.

About the Author:
Suzanne Morrison is the webmaster of the Internet Business Ideas Website She tests each of the programs mentioned on her website personally before recommending them. For a full list of her tried and tested scam free home businesses have a look at her list of legitimate home businesses

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Over $600 of Mike Filsaime's Products for Free

I always like a good freebie, especially one that is delivered to my door, rather than downloaded to my computer!!

For a very limited time Mike Filsaime is giving away over $600 of goodies for free.

This includes his 85 page spiral bound "7 Figure Secrets" report, shipped directly to your door, worth $297 and his famous Butterfly Marketing Manuscript worth $97 (plus other goodies).

To get these products all you need to do is visit the 7 Figure Secret Website and register. You will need to pay a small fee for shipping ($7.99), but the value of these products will certainly outweigh this fee!

Here is a summary of what you will get (for FREE)
- The 7 Figure Secrets Printed and Shipped to you Door ($297)
- The 18 Full Color Process Maps ($197)
- The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript Version 2.0 ($97)
- magazine delivered to your door ($29.95)

I registered to receive these products yesterday, but you will need to hurry as Mike can only give a limited number of these products away.


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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get Paid for Taking Free Online Surveys

Do you want to get paid for taking free online surveys?

It doesn't matter who you are - as long as you have access to an internet connecton and a computer it is easy to get paid for taking free online surveys.

One of the best ways to do this is to sign up with a company such as Maximum Paid Surveys.

Maximum Paid Surveys is basically a big database full of paid opportunities. By joining them you will get instant access to a massive resource of over 760 paid surveys and mystery shopping companies.

Maximum Paid Surveys also has a very straightforward and easy to navigate website and it is not difficult to quickly find the companies that work in your own country and/or state.

You can search for a wide variety of assignments including online surveys, focus groups or mystery shopping jobs or search based on what kind of reward yo want to get. The most active and the best paying companies are listed first so you can get into profit quickly. New paid survey companies are added regularly to the database so there is no worry about using an out of date list.

Maximum Paid Surveys also has a very good customer support facility and you will find it easy to get started with your new paid survey business by using their step-by-step guides including a Paid surveys introduction guide, a mystery shopping introduction guide and more.

New members also get access to some excellent bonuses. These include additional get paid databases, work at home ebooks and more.

In summary, Maximum Paid Surveys has everything you need to start getting paid for taking free online surveys. From a larhe collection of online surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping jobs to a state-of-the-art website and an excellent documentation and customer suppport. For a limited time you can get a 56% discount. Don't wait!

Get Paid for taking free online surveys now and join Maximum Paid Surveys.

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