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Friday, July 27, 2007

Try the Internet Entrepreneur Club for $2.95

Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center has a special offer on at the moment. You can try out a membership to his "Internet Entrepreneur Club" for just $2.95. For $2.95 you'll get access to his very own "Dream Team" who will be able to answer all your internet marketing questions.

As part of the membership you will receive:

(1) A monthly 60-75 minute strategic planning session with Derek Gehl, where he'll be giving you the inside scoop on his latest market research.

(2) Access to interviews with industry experts and success stories making HUGE six- and seven-figure incomes.

(3) The opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, get their candid opinions, and establish valuable business partnerships.

(4) A CD recording of the latest conference call -- so you never have to worry about missing a single call.

(5) Derek's private "Industry Update Newsletter," mailed straight to your doorstep each month, containing all the latest Internet marketing news savvy entrepreneurs need to know in order to stay ahead of the competition.

I have received coaching from the Internet Marketing Center in the past myself and highly recommend it. Their experts are top notch and will be able to help you get started or take your business to the next level.

This special $2.95 offer is only available until Sunday 12th August and is only available to 250 people.

Start your 30 Day Trial Now.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Ebay Misspelling Tool / Typo Auction Locator

If you buy or sell regularly on Ebay or you just like to find bargains, you may be interested in trying out this free Ebay Misspelling Tool.

Just type in what product you are looking for and the script will locate all the misspelt items that are currently on Ebay.

The Typo Auction locator tool works for,,, and

If you are a seller on Ebay you could use this tool to find bargain items then sell them on Ebay at a later date (but with the correct spelling this time :-)


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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Review of Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books is a brand new affiliate program that allows you to promote downloadable Audio books from a store of over 6000 books, including fiction, health, history, self help, business and more.

You can join Leisure Audio Books for free and there is no need to have your own website. Leisure Audio books provides a link which you can use to send people to your own audio bookstore for a 15% commission on all sales.

Since Leisure Audio Books is so new I thought it would be worth writing an FAQ style review of this affiliate program/business opportunity. Here are some answers to questions you may have about Leisure Audio Books.

What sort of products are available from Leisure Audio Books?
As mentioned there are a huge range of downloadable audio books available in MP3 or WMA format. Categories include arts & drama, biography, business, crimes & thrillers, fiction, foreign language study, health & recreation, history, humor, juvenile, radio shows, religion & spiritual, self help and TV & Film.

You can look at the full selection of over 6000 books at the Leisure Audio Books Retail Store.

How much to I get paid?
As a basic free Silver member you will be paid 15% commission on all Audio book sales. Gold Members are paid 20% and Platinum members 25%. You are also paid a recurring commission on memberships. The rates for this are 15% for Silver members, 25% for Gold members and 50% for Platinum members.

How and when do I get paid?
You will be paid by paypal in the first week of every month. If paypal doesn't suit you it is possible to be paid by check for an administration fee.

How much is it to join?
It is free to join as a Silver member earning 15% commission. If you wish to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum level it is $12.95 per month for Gold and $24.95 per month for Platinum. Discounts are available when you first join or if you pay annually

Do I need my own website?
Having your own website helps, but you can join Leisure Audio Books even if you don't have a website. You could promote it on your blog, or advertise the link in a forum or email signature, use pay per click advertising or just let your friends and family know about your store.

What help & promotional tools are available?
Leisure Audio books have an extensive selection of helpful tools in their back office. There is an extensive help/faq page, a promotional page with suggestions on how to promote Leisure Audio books incuding sample classified ads, blog posts, emails, business card templates, splash pages, squeeze pages and more. There is also a section on "Getting Started" explaining step by step what you need to do to promote Leisure Audio books. If you want to promote specific sections of the store e.g. business audios only or self help audios only you can easily generate links for these sections, as well as graphical and non graphical links to specific products. They also provide a good range of promotional banners and a banner rotator. Overall I was pretty impressed with the back office. There is a lot more there than I normally find when I join an affiliate program.

How do I Join?
You can signup to Leisure Audio Books from this link

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Increase your Blog's Exposure with a Reciprocal Linking Review

Do you want to get some extra visitors to your blog and increase your link popularity at the same time? I am sure the answer to this question is probably a resounding Yes!. Read on to find out how you can quickly and easily use this viral technique...

Jeff Schuman a fellow Internet Marketer and Plug-In Profit site owner told me about this technique, which Jack Humphrey calls linking on steroids! It's an effective way to post quality content to your blog and get lots of links back at the same time.

All you need to do to join in is follow the instructions below:

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions below this line —

The Reciprocal Review Carousel idea is based on a few simple yet effective link-building and blogging techniques I have learned:

Build value of the blog by creating a helpful link from within content.

Provide value to community by doing a review on a blog you personally like.

Link to YOUR blog has exact anchor text you want and helps you boost Google Rankings.

No more than 30 outbound links from any page to prevent penalties for link farming.
Viral effect of the link – as more bloggers participate, link to your blog with YOUR anchor text, coming from quality content post will spread.

Here is How to participate:
  • Copy the entire text between the specified lines.
  • Create a post on your site and put at least one paragraph explaining how you joined the Reciprocal Review Carousel.
  • Paste the text you copied into your post.
  • Remove the Bottom Review and At the Top add your own review with a link to a site reviewed, at least 2 sentences about the site and a note – Reviewed by: Your Anchor Text.
  • Link your anchor text to your site. Here is an example:

WordPress Web 2.0 Guide is a blog providing very useful information on building your very own Web 2.0 portal based on WordPress. Detailed instructions and howto guides make it possible for anyone to create a sparkling and engaging blog and join the community of like-minded individuals. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-er

Sites Reviewed:

Wolney H Filho's Work at Home Online blog provides lots of tips and advice for people who want to start a work at home business. Wolney has over 10 years of networking experience and regularly updates his blog to give you the latest ideas on how to work at home online and how to promote your website. Reviewed by Suzanne Morrison for her Internet Business Ideas blog.

Suzanne Morrison's Internet Home Business Ideas Blog is an excellent Blog. She can help you to make a full time income from the internet. She is part of the Plug-In Profit Site team and her blog is frequently updated with Internet home business ideas, product reviews and suggestions for and promoting your website. Reviewed by Wolney H Filho, the work at home online blog.

Mal Keenan's Internet Marketing Blog is a frequently updated blog on everything pertaining to the world of internet marketing and home business. He includes plenty of internet marketing tips and techniques in his blog and also reviews the latest internet marketing products. Unlike some marketers who recommend every product under the sun, Mal has a very honest approach to his reviews and only recommends products that have actually worked for him. Reviewed by Suzanne Morrison for her Internet Business Ideas blog

Jeff Schuman’s make money blog is one of those blogs that I visit often. Jeff has become an expert in achieiving top search engine rankings for some of the most competitive ‘making money online’ keyword phrases. Reviewed by Mal Keenans’ Internet Marketing blog.

Jeff Casmer’s Work At Home Blog is an excellent blog that ties in well with his top rated work at home directory. He works hard at helping people and his blog is updated reguarly with information that is timely to help you work from home and earn money. Reviewed by: Jeff Schuman for his make money blog to help people make more money and get more traffic.

Jack Humphrey’s blog The Friday Traffic Report is just another in a long line of things I read when it is done by Jack. Of course his Power Linking and Authority Black Book are just two examples of the tremendous information he provides. He blogs now about Web 2.0 and social marketing and if you are looking for tips to get more traffic you should check it out and subscribe to his feed. Reviewed by: Jeff Schuman for his make money blog to help people make more money and get more traffic.

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions above this line —

To summarize, you just need to copy everything between the two lines and then remove the review at the bottom and add your review of someone else's blog at the top!
Hopefully this will bring you some top quality links and traffic.

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