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Monday, June 18, 2007

Review of (NOC) (NOC) is a division of Carson Services, the parent company of the well known affiliate program, Strong Future International (SFI).

The primary aim of NOC is to provide offers for consumers to save money on products and services that they are looking for either online or offline, anywhere in the world.

This review of NOC will explain what is about, how it can benefit consumers, affiliates and merchants, what the costs are, what the drawbacks are and how to sign up.

Nice Offers for Consumers

The website is a place for consumers to get discount or special offer coupons for many things which they buy locally or online.

The site has a search facility to help find offers in many different categories including electronics, entertainment, flowers and gifts, advertising and marketing, books, travel and more. You can search by state or by country and browse through a selection of offers. Once you have found an offer of interest you can tell a friend about it or enter your name and email address to have the coupon emailed to you.

Next, just visit the vendor and use your coupon, or enter the coupon code online if it is an online offer.

To search for offers just visit

Nice Offers for Merchants is a zero risk method of advertising for businesses online and offline. Advertising a business on is free and works on a cost per action basis i.e. you only have to pay when someone actually uses a coupon at your store, restaurant or online business.

The cost to the business is the discount amount for the customer + a fee called a “bounty” which you set yourself.

To register and setup a coupon just visit

Nice Offers for Affiliates

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to make money by:

* Referring consumers to NOC - You can give away coupons to your friends and family, refer people to the NOC website or advertise NOC offers on your own website or blog. Every time someone uses a coupon you’ll receive a portion of the bounty offered by the merchant.

* Referring new merchants to NOC – If you refer a new merchant to NOC you will earn commissions on every coupon that is used at that merchant for life.

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate of SFI for free and start promoting NOC straight away. SFI also provides merchant prospecting packs including professional postcards, letters and leaflets to attract new merchants. One good strategy is to look through your local newspapers for coupons, as businesses that are already using coupons are more likely to be interested.

The Cost of Nice Offers is free to join for affiliates and free to use for consumers. It is also free for merchants to list their business and they need only pay a fee when a sale is made.

Disadvantages of Nice Offers

At the moment, although is an international opportunity and can be used by affiliates, consumers and merchants worldwide, the majority of the offers on the site at present are US focused. For example, at the time of writing there are only 3 UK offers on the site and 34 Canadian offers.

The marketing material also tends to be slightly more US focused, with 1-800 numbers.

How to Sign Up

Consumers and Merchants should visit

Affiliates should visit

About the Author:
Suzanne Morrison works from home on the internet full time. She is an affiliate of SFI and the webmaster of Business Ideas Online

Note: You can publish this article on your own website or blog and replace all the SFI affiliate IDs with your own. Please keep the about the author box intact.


Internet Business Blog

Friday, June 08, 2007

Review of Free Article Submitter Software by Brad Callen

With lots of expensive article submission software on the market, it's great to see some free submission software being released (although slightly ironic, since I just paid for some new article submission yesterday, can you believe it!).

The new free article submitter software has been released by Brad Callen, the author of SEO Made Easy and can be downloaded for free here.

Free Article Submitter Software - Click to Download

The software is pretty straightforward to install - just click the download for free button, put your name and email address in a box and submit, then press the "click here to download" link to download and install your software. It installs in a few seconds and there is no need to restart your PC.
The download includes the software itself, which will submit your articles to up to 100 article directories, plus a user guide in PDF format. The user guide is a quick and easy read at 10 pages long, but it covers everything you need to know to use the software.

Adding Articles
The first thing you need to do is add an article that you want to submit to the directories by pressing the add article button. This is pretty straightforward and you just need to type in the article title, your name, email address, author bio and you can also add an email (autoresponder) for the article and a URL for the article. The last two aren't necessary as a small number of article directories ask for these.
Next you enter your article resource box in both HTML and non HTML (as some directories accept HTML and others don't). Be sure to put your keywords in the anchor text. You will also need to add the keywords for the article and an article description. Finally you enter the text of your article, first with no HTML and secondly with HTML. If you don't know HTML I would just stick to using a BR tag at the end of each paragraph and that will suffice.
All the article information was straightforward to enter and you can easily enter multiple articles by hitting the "Add an article" button, or edit existing articles using the "Edit Article" button. There's a nice drop down box where you can quickly select which article to submit if you have multiple articles.

Submitting Articles
At this point you are ready to start submitting your article and you just need to select the article directory from the list by double clicking on it. Note that many article directories require a login and if you are not a member of some of these article directories already you will need to create one. This is a very time consuming process, but remember that you only need to do this once, so the next time you submit an article it is much quicker. Article Submitter will save your login details for you so you don't need to remember them for your next article submission.
At this point it's just a case of logging into each of the directories and letting Article Submitter auto fill each of the boxes for you. usually you will have to select the article category yourself, but apart from that it's automatic. You should be able to whiz through the article directories very quickly, compared to doing it manually.

  • Free to use
  • Although the free version has only 100 directories, it doesn't expire and 100 is a good amount.
  • Easy install
  • Very easy to get started and simple to use
  • Looks nice :-) (there's a lot of ugly looking software out there)
  • Allows you to sort directories by Page Rank and Alexa Rank
  • You can sort directories based on whether or not they need a login
  • Keeps track of when you last submitted to a directory
  • Allows you to enter HTML and non HTML versions of articles and resource box
  • Upgrade to the full version which has over 600 directories is very reasonable at $67


  • Doesn't allow any automatic submission of articles (although this could be a pro for some people, who want to be sure to double check things before submitting).
  • Although I entered an HTML version, in some of the directoires which I knew accepted HTML, the non HTML version was used (e.g. Article Dashboard allows an HTML resource box, but the non HTML one was used)
  • Although I entered my non HTML version of the article with line breaks between each paragraph, in some of the directories e.g. Article Dashboard and Article City, the article that was entered had no line breaks whatsover
  • The last submission date is recorded for each article, which is good, but this is filled in when I visit the article directory, not when I submit the article.

The Verdict

If you don't already have an article submitter, this is a fantastic tool, which you can download free and start using straight away for your article submission. I recommend this for anyone who wants to speed up their article submission. Some of the cons listed above may put you off, but hopefully these are just initial teething problems will be sorted out.

The Competition

You can also read my reviews of:

Article Post Robot (favourite so far) and Article Announcer.

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