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Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Ways to get Traffic without Search Engines

The Search engines are like the gods of the world of internet marketing, whether we like it or not. We are actually subservient to their whims, as in general, 80% of the traffic we generate for our websites will come from them. The success of our marketing campaigns will depend on their algorithms.

But there are traffic sources that are not connected with search engines at all. Your chances of success with these systems are better, as you won’t have to fall prey to the digital bureaucracy that search engines have become known for.

1. Social Networking Websites - these websites, once known as dating portals, have experienced a renaissance in recent months. MySpace, for example, has been received two and a half times the traffic that Google is generating for its search engine. If you can tap into this vast network, you’d have an avalanche of traffic waiting to be unleashed. All you have to do is to create a profile in the said website, gain a lot of friends, and invite them to your own web page. Friendster and Multiply are similar social networking websites that also deserve a second look.

2. Blog and ping - web logs are online journals that have commanded a lot of following. They have their own audience. A lot of blog directories exist to help blog “addicts” find a web log they can religiously follow. By setting up a blog that will promote your business website, and pinging the blog directories every time you publish a new entry, you’d be informing hundreds of thousands of blog aficionados about your blog, and you can generate tons of traffic to your website.

3. Viral marketing - distribute an E-Book, a special report, a software program or even a novelty digital item for free. Make sure that such a freebie will carry your business message, i.e. a link to your business website. If such a freebie is valuable enough for Internet users, they will distribute the same to the members of their own network. The result is an exponential, unceasing spread of your viral message to potentially millions and millions of people at such a rapid pace.

4. Tag and ping - the newest kid on the block, the tag and ping method is the hottest way of harnessing traffic for your blog. Websites like Technorati and are blog directories that act as user-driven search engines as well. Instead of keywords, they use tags. Tags are words or phrases you can use to classify your blogs and blog entries. You’re in control. Every tag will have its own landing page, and the newest entry to be submitted will be found on top of the list for that page. This is an excellent way to achieve prominence for your blog, and eventually, for your business website.

5. Use Digg - the website is like a repository of the best articles in the World Wide Web. Articles can be submitted to this service, and readers can vote for the articles they like. The articles which receive the most number of votes will appear on the main page, and this will drive tens and thousands of traffic for your website. One article can have a temporal effect when it comes to a traffic spike, but submit articles regularly and you have a goldmine with this service.

These are just a few of the alternatives you can use to bring more traffic to your website. Including a few of these techniques in your website promotion strategy will help to ensure that you don't have all your eggs in the one internet marketing basket.


Internet Business Blog

Friday, January 12, 2007

5 Ways to Make more Money from your Blog for FREE!

Ok, so you don’t have any digital products to offer, you don’t have any tangible goods to sell, you don’t have any special skills you can offer… all you have is a blog.

Now the challenge: how can you earn by using your blog, and JUST your blog?

The fact is, you can earn by using your blog, and JUST your blog. You are not limited to a single earning opportunity when it comes to this avenue. There is a lot of potential in those little web logs which are actually simplified and highly efficient content management systems possessing an interconnectivity that will generate direct traffic and some features that promise prominence in search engine results.

Here are 5 earning opportunities you can consider to fully monetize your web log.

1. Clickbank - Sign up with Clickbank . ClickBank is a well established affiliate network that boasts thousands of digital products you can choose from. Simply search through the catalogue of products appropriate for the subject of your blog, and acquire your affiliate link. Whenever you’re recommending something in your blog entries, mention the products you have chosen and hyperlink the same with your affiliate links. This will lead your readers to the affiliate programs’ sales pages. If they decide to buy, you’d earn a commission per sale you manage to refer.

2. Other Affiliate Networks. Now, you’re not limited to ClickBank alone. There are other affiliate programs out there which you can dig up with some searching magic. There are millions and millions of affiliate programs in the World Wide Web, and some of them even promise a commission rate of up to 80% of the selling price. Just search for "affiliate programs" + the topic of your blog in Google and you will have a wealth of opportunities to choose from.

3. Recommend Books. Want to promote books? Amazon also has an affiliate program that you can enroll with. Simply select the books most appropriate for the subject of your blog, and garner the corresponding affiliate links. Or you can copy and paste a code from Amazon and implement it on your blog. This will display contextually relevant products on your blog which your readers will be able to see. Books are sure sellers. And though Amazon does offer a relatively low commission rate, you’re sure to sell a lot of books through your blog. Everyone loves books! And Amazon is the internet’s most reliable digital bookstore!

4. Pay per Click Advertising. Enroll your blog with Google AdSense or other Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. This will allow the PPC programs to display contextually relevant ads to your blog. Every time a reader of yours clicks on an ad, you’d receive a certain amount of money.

5. Sell advertising space. Whether they’re banners or simple text links, you can command a great price for the valuable “real estate” on your blog. One place where you can sign up to for free and sell your ads is TextLinkAds. They have a huge inventory of websites and blogs in all sorts of different niches and you will earn 50% of the fee per month for every text link ad on your site.

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