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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why publishing an Ezine can help your Internet Business

Web site traffic is a huge concern among home based business owners because it is hard work to get your web site noticed among the thousands of others. However, there are many things you can do to differentiate your web site and set it apart from others. One such thing is providing a ezine for your visitors to subscribe to.

When it comes to ezines, to begin with you will need to have a reason why people will want to sign up. Most of the time people are not out searching for a bunch of ezines to subscribe to, but for the right reason they will. For example, if you provide access to an e-book, free gift, or some other equally tempting award, people will sign up to receive the ezine.

Now, here is the key, once you have people signed up you want them to stay signed up and not only receive the ezine but actually read it. So, once people begin signing up you will need to make sure your ezine is professional and provides helpful and relevant information for your particular market. If you are providing this information people will continue reading it and tell their friends about it, if not they will hit the unsubscribe button and you will lose a potential customer. Although setting up an ezine might sound difficult to you, it is not as hard as it seems and is something you can do in a couple hours every week as long as you have decent writing skills. Make sure you cover hot topics, give advice, and use customer questions about your product, market and the like to make up the ezine.

If you are confused or not quite sure how to get started, get an ezine software program that will guide you through the process as well as create a professional looking ezine. When it comes to material, take a look at some of the most popular ezines n your field and see what makes them good and what makes the bad. From these, you will be able to take the formats that work and skip the ones that don’t.

You want your ezine to become very popular and direct more and more traffic to your site on a daily basis. This is important for your revenue because it has been proven that 70% of sales are made after the third, fourth or fifth contact. If you are providing a good ezine with plugs for your services and products, you will be sure to see a rise in traffic and purchases.

When it comes to actually distributing the ezine, you should use an automated subscribe and unsubscribe program, also known as an autoresponder. This will allow people to sign up or asked to be removed from the ezine and it will automatically happen. The last thing you want to do is spend your entire day adding and removing email addresses. This is a waste of time that is better used by you focusing on expanding your business. GetResponse provides a free autoresponder which you can use for this purpose.

The Plug-In Profit site includes a 400 day Ezine and an opt-in box ready to capture subscribers.


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Friday, December 29, 2006

Stable Online MLM Business

If you are looking for a stable online MLM business, you must do your research carefully. There are so many scams out there that it can often be confusing and hard to distinguish between genuine stable online MLM businesses and MLM businesses that are full of promises but never deliver.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you are choosing the right online MLM business for you:

(1) Check how long as the company been around for. If they have been around for less than a year, it is unlikely that they are stable and you may be taking a risk by joining a young company. This isn't always the case though - every company has to start somewhere and getting in early could be to your advantage.

(2) Look at the Product. Make sure that the company you are joining offers a good product. If there is a very shaky product or no product at all this could be an illegal pyramid scheme. Be careful to learn as much as possible about the product by looking at the company's website, speaking to people and researching carefully.

(3) Do your research and read reviews. It's easy to find out about most online MLM businesses by just doing a search in Google. Search for the company name and also search for "reviews" alongside the company name. Remember that you will always find some negative reviews, but if you uncover more negative than positive you may want to think twice.

(4) Contact an affiliate or someone from the company. Ask them some questions via email or speak to them on the phone. If you don't get acceptable answers to your questions then this could be a sign of worse things to come.

Here are some stable online MLM businesses that I am currently an affiliate for.
  • Success University - you can give this opportunity a test drive for 2 weeks just by donating $2 to Save the Children. Success University has the most powerful commission structure out of all the companies that I promote. It also has a very strong product - access to hundreds of top quality training courses on internet marketing, finance, real estate, self improvement and more.
  • Empowerism - Empowerism provides high quality internet marketing training, web site templates, leads and a monthly internet marketing magazine for its members. It has a very good commission plan, paying $20 upfront for new members then $7 a month for each subsequent month.
  • Strong Future International (SFI) - Has a massive array of products from magazines, cleaning products, IAHBE membership, books, audios and more. This one is free to join and provides good training for beginners and a strong commission structure.

If you would like any further information about any of these please feel free to contact me.

To combine multiple stable online MLM business opportunities into one, I recommend the Plug-In Profit Site.


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Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting Started with Internet Marketing

Many people surf the internet and see lots of people running online businesses. These people see the end result and they think that they could do the same. The problem with this mentality is that they fail to see all of the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes.

Internet Marketing or IM is not a get rich quick solution for people who have money problems. However, very few people looking to start an online business seem to realise or are prepared to accept this.

It is certainly possible for you to have an online business, but overnight success is not the norm, unless you are already an experienced internet marketer. Don’t start by expecting to understand how to get traffic to your site when you have no idea how to build a site or what you are going to sell or promote. Take your online business seriously, just like you would an offline business. Imagine if you were going to the bank to raise the finance to run your business, would you go there with no details or plan? No! Then why not have the same professionalism when setting up your online business?

You need to plan, but you also need to do some thorough research. There is no point in trying to sell a product that you don’t actually approve of or have an interest in. How can you pass on your enthusiasm for a product, if in reality you have no interest in it?

See what people want, there is no reason to sell yesterday’s product which is now out of date. You will get some money for it but you will get a better return if you sell something that people want today. This is where you have to research. There is plenty of material online which will help you, and don’t stop researching. By researching you will be able to keep up to date with market trends, and be able to find your niche and sell to the public.

Make plenty of notes during your research, you won’t know when those notes will come and help you in your projects, and even in developing your own product. Next time you are looking to start a business in internet marketing, don’t ask question which belong to the end result.

Start at the beginning and then take each step in turn, that way you will become very successful in all you plan to do.

Download your free Dotcomology E-Book to get the complete picture on getting started with Internet Marketing.


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Monday, December 04, 2006

Free Adsense Arbitrage E-Book by Brad Callen

Brad Callen has just released another top quality free E-Book called Adsense Arbitrage.

In this book he walks us through a real life case study about how Michael Plante earned $4515.21 using only Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

The book includes Michael's actual posts on Brad's forum as he tests different methods for sending traffic to his one page Adsense site using only Google Adwords. The book also includes Brad's commentary on the whole project and information about how you can do the same thing.

Adsense Arbitrage Ebook

Click on the book to visit the download page and download the Adsense Arbitrage E-Book absolutely free.

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