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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So much to do, so little time

At the moment I have so many things that I want to do, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to do them all. I think it may be to do with the fact that I am trying to finish writing the ebook for my Florence website. I've given myself a deadline of 2nd May to get the book ready to sell, but I'm finding that trying to write the book, whilst still promoting my existing website and all the programs, not to mention doing my day job each day and trying to fit in a social life is hard going!

So I'm destressing just now, with a glass of vino in hand, a hot bath running and an episode of Desperate Housewifes to watch. If I could just sleep till 10am tomorrow and take the day off work, everything would be perfect.

So, it's been about a week since I've blogged and I'm trying to remember what I've done in that time....

I wrote an article on Florence to promote my new website Places to visit in Florence Italy. I've submitted the article to around 30 directories so far and I'm now listed in Google for a couple of my keyword phrases. Not too bad at all since I just started promoting the site last weekend! You can see my article Florence in a Day here. My next step is to set up a few pay per click campaigns to my site.

Apart from that I've been writing my ebook - I'm about three quarters of the way through now. I've decided that I don't want to write another ebook in the near future. It's so time consuming, especially if like me, you're not really a writer.

Things have been going slowly with Empowerism and Plugin Profits this month. Normally I get around 8 signups a month for each of these programs, but I've been neglecting this over the last few weeks, due to being busy with the Florence site. This month to date I have just 3 Plugin Profit signups and 2 Empowerism signups.

The good news is that my Empowerism downline continues to grow. I've been with Empowerism for under 4 months and my downline is currently at around 45 people, half of which were sponsored by me and the other half by my upline and my downline.
If you are interested in Empowerism, you can check out my Empowerism special offer here.

I also recently signed up for a great Pay per click email course by Perry Marshall and I've put together a few tips on PPC Search Engine Marketing as well.

Apart from that I've not done much in the way of internet marketing apart from keeping up with all the news in the forums.

So I'm off now to finish that vino as I soak in a big bubble bath...

Until the next time!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A new website is born

Today I finished my second website!

Well, it's actually my third website, but I'm not counting my first one, since it's just an amateur round the world travel journal that I wrote back in 1998.

My new website is and is absolutely nothing to do with starting a home business, or internet marketing. For this reason, I can't wait to start promoting it. It's going to be so much easier and more fun to promote than my current site.

My first steps this week will be to finish writing an article on Florence, then submit this to as many article directories as possible with a link to my new site in the resource box. I'm also going to set up a few pay per click campaigns to drive some traffic to the site immediately. Oh, and I should really finish writing the ebook as well, otherwise I'll have nothing to sell :-)

I'll keep you posted on progress with this new site.

Nothing else exciting has been happening recently. I had a nasty flu bug for most of last week and spent 3 days in bed, practically unable to move. For the first time in months I didn't even want to use my computer - shock, horror! I'm glad to say that I've recovered now and I'm back to my normal self - trying to get another step closer to making a full time income from home....

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yahoo Updates

Just a quickie, since it is 3am and I should really be thinking about sleeping. I've spent the last 8 hours or so putting together a new website for a (non internet marketing) ebook, which I may mention in a few weeks time when I actually get round to finishing the book.

Yahoo has just updated it's index and it looks like my recent SEO efforts have paid off - hooray!

I optimized the main page of my site for the term "How to Start an Internet Business". Although this won't bring as much traffic as something like "Home Business" or "Work from Home", Wordtracker reports there being over 100 searches a day for this term in both Yahoo and Google.

So it looks like I am #4 in Yahoo for How to Start an Internet Business (without the quotes) and #2 in Yahoo for "How to Start an Internet Business" (with the quotes). Also, by complete accident I am #5 for How to start a home business & I'm in the top page for a handful of lesser searched phrases.

As for Google, I have no idea what's going on there, but I have been in and out of position twenty-something over the last couple of weeks. Must be something to do with Freshbot.

Time for bed now :-)