I logged into IM Report Card today and noticed that the Affiliate Power Group (where I coach) is the top rated site of the week – woo hoo :-)

If you’ve not used IM Report Card before it’s a pretty cool site. They have over 3800 reviews of different internet marketing sites, products, services, business opportunities, people and so on. It’s a good place to go if you are thinking of purchasing a product or a service as you can quickly see what other people think of it. This is more likely to give you an accurate picture as you are looking at the views  and collective grading of tens or hundreds of people rather than just one person’s review (who is probably an affiliate).

If you’ve purchased an IM product in the past and really loved it (or really hated it) then you can leave a rating for that product along with your comments for other people to read. Just visit IM Report Card and set up your free acount. If you have your own website or blog you can also create a profile with your link in it and get a backlink every time you leave a comment.

At the moment the Affiliate Power Group are ranked the #5 internet marketing service online, with an average grade A rating, so if you have been thinking about giving us a try you can take our 10 day trial for $1 or read some user comments about us.

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