Benefits of a WebsiteBelieve it or not, people who are contemplating on an online career as an affiliate always ask me the same question: “do I need a website for that?”. From my experience the answer is “yes!”. There are many benefits of a website for affiliate marketing…

Many people are quite hesitant to try out affiliate marketing because they are under the belief that they don’t have the “technical” skills to build their own website.

Other people quite apprehensive about the perceived expenses that come with building and maintaining a website.  Such is an investment they are not ready to make.

So the question remains: what are the benefits of a website for affiliate marketing?
There are no ifs and buts about it.  Having your own website – your own repository of files on the internet – will greatly help your affiliate marketing campaigns.

BENEFIT #1 – You can use your website as a review center or a blog, and you can recommend affiliate products throughout your website content, reviews and blog posts.

BENEFIT #2 – You can build a list. Most website visitors will not buy from you, but if you build a subscriber list and follow up with the people on your list regularly you are more likely to get repeat visitors and sales.

BENEFIT #3 – Since the website, the space, will be yours, you are not bound to any rules as to how you can use it.  This isn’t the case if you are using free web space or sites such as Blogger, Squidoo and Hub Pages.

BENEFIT #4 – Having your own website will mean that you’ll have an easier time establishing your web presence.  Instead of advertising a variety of affiliate links, for example, you can just lead people to one central URL pointing to your website.  This significantly simplifies the internet marketing demands of your campaigns.

BENEFIT #5 – It doesn’t cost as much as you think! A domain name costs around $10 per year and you can get excellent web hosting for mltiple domains for less than  $10 per month. But having your own website will cost you some monetary investment.  These are essentials when it comes to building and maintaining your own virtual headquarters in cyberspace.  I’m talking about the expenses you’ll incur in securing a web hosting service as well as a domain name.

The benefits of a website for affiliate marketing are numerous and although it may seem more expensive to build and maintain your own website, you are more likely to have success in the long run. Having your own website will also make affiliate marketing more convenient and eventually the traffic to your site will be automated and you can work less.

If you need help  visit the Affiliate Power Group – we can help you set up your website, get traffic and start making money.

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