Making money on Amazon KindleToday I’m going to talk about how you can make money on Amazon Kindle. This is something I am relatively new to myself, but I’m about to publish my third book on Kindle. My first book has sold over 200 copies in the first two months, so I feel that writing a book for Kindle is something that is definitely worth considering as a way to build up a passive income or a way to add an additional income stream to your home business.

Here are a few reasons why I like publishing on Amazon Kindle and why I think you should consider it:

1) The Amazon site gets HUGE amounts of traffic. This means that your book will get seen pretty much straight away. Compare this to a website of your own, where it can take many weeks to start building up traffic.

2) Once you have written the book, it becomes a truly PASSIVE income stream. When I published my first book I spent a few hours doing some promotion, but since then I have done nothing to promote my book and thanks to Amazon I typically sell 2-4 copies per day.

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