Niche MarketingDiversity is one of the most important things when it comes to running an online business and at the moment my online income comes from over 40 different places. One of the things that I enjoy the most and find one of the most profitable is niche marketing.

If you are not familiar with the term “niche”, it is usually used to describe a subset of a market. For example the market of health can be split into smaller sub markets such as dieting, fitness, disease cure & prevention, alternative medicine and more.

Within each of these sub markets you have what is known as niches. Examples of niches in the alternative medicine market could be things like acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, hypnosis etc. In the fitness market you would have things like cardio training, weight lifting, pilates and so on.

You can even drill further down to get micro niches. The beauty of doing this is that your website becomes very specific and targeted. People are more likely to buy from you because you are providing exactly what they are looking for rather than just providing lots of very general high level information. Another great thing is that the competition in these niche markets is so much lower than it is in the more general markets.

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