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5 Benefits of a Website for Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of a WebsiteBelieve it or not, people who are contemplating on an online career as an affiliate always ask me the same question: “do I need a website for that?”. From my experience the answer is “yes!”. There are many benefits of a website for affiliate marketing…

Many people are quite hesitant to try out affiliate marketing because they are under the belief that they don’t have the “technical” skills to build their own website.

Other people quite apprehensive about the perceived expenses that come with building and maintaining a website.  Such is an investment they are not ready to make.

So the question remains: what are the benefits of a website for affiliate marketing?
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Digital Marketer Lab Bonus – Ryan Deiss

I’ve put together some valuable Digital Marketer Lab bonuses for anyone who signs up using this link.

Below you will find all details of my Digital Marketer Lab Bonuses. To claim this bonus just make sure you sign up through this link and then contact me. I’ll deliver all the bonuses below to you as soon as I have verified your signup.

BONUS #1 – 1 Month of Coaching at the Affiliate Power Group (worth 39.95)

Digital Marketing Lab Bonus - APG Membership  The Affiliate Power Group is an online coaching site where you can get 1-1 help from 4 different successful affiliate marketers. In the members area you’ll find step by step training to help you set up a website, get traffic to your site and make money.

In the coaching forum you’ll get personal step by step help with anything related to website creation, traffic generation, conversion and more.

This bonus is a full 1 month membership worth $39.95

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Caution when buying Home Business Products OnlineI just wanted to make a post with some advice about buying home business products safely on the internet. I am continually surprised at the number of people who don’t take certain precautions when buying something online. This of course applies to anything you buy online and not just home business or internet marketing products.

I was inspired to write this because of the frequent emails and help desk tickets that I recieve from people who have bought a product and are not sure what it is, how much they have been charged or who to go to when they need support.

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