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Do You Need Internet Marketing Help?

Do you need Internet Marketing Help? Or to be more specific, do any of the following statements describe you?

1) You want to create a website, but you have no idea what it should be about, or what you should sell

2) You want to build a website, but don’t have the technical skills to do so.

3) You already have a website, but nobody is visiting it.

4) You have a website and some people are visiting it, but it is not making money.

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Gentle Mentor Giveaway has Opened

Gentle Mentor GiveawayThe Gentle Mentor Giveaway run by Gary Bachetti just launched today! You can join for free and get instant access to hundreds of gifts including EBooks, reports, software and videos about home business and internet marketing.

The giveaway is open for 14 days and closes on August 30th.

There are a few giveaways open at the moment, but this is probably the most high quality one, so it is worth registering and taking a look around. As with everything in internet marketing, an option to upgrade is offered when you register, but this is completely optional.

Click here to join for free and start downloading gifts now!

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Sweeva Review

If you’ve not heard of Sweeva before, it is basically a traffic exchange with a difference. The difference being “social browsing”, which allows people to comment and rate other peoples’ web pages. If you are wondering what the heck Sweeva is, or whether or not it is worthwhile joining, read this Sweeva Review to help you decide!

First, before I get into the review, yes Sweeva is a traffic exchange and I have seen much debate on whether or not traffic exchanges work or not. Here is my verdict on it:

1) Traffic Exchanges do not work well for long winded sales pages, your home page or costly products and business opportunities.

2) Traffic Exchanges work very well for building your list.

The key thing to remember is that people surfing traffic exchanges are looking for one thing – TRAFFIC. So to get them interested in your offer, make sure your offer has something to do with traffic, or building a downline.

Now on to my review of Sweeva.

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When most people get started with affiliate marketing, they are just happy to make their first sale or two. It can be very exhilarating to receive your first commissions check – not necessarily because of the money, but because of the achievement!

After a while though, making money becomes much more important, especially for those who are trying to build a full time income, or desparately trying to supplement their current income.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by using the highest paying affiliate programs. This will take a bit of research, but being choosy about what you promote can make a big difference to your affiliate commissions.

Here are a few ways to maximise your commissions:

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