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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can you Make Money with Affiliate Programs Without Selling?

Do you want to make money from affiliate programs, but don't like the idea of selling? If so, you are not alone - this is a common apprehension from people who are thinking of making money online from affiliate marketing.

However, there are people who make a lot of money online in affiliate marketing and they never sell a product.

In this post I will explain a few options for making money from affiliate programs without selling.

1. Cost Per Action Programs. There are thousands of affiliate marketers earning seven figure incomes in cost per action programs. These used to be referred to as pay per lead programs because the specific action you required your visitor to do was fill out a short lead form.

To refer people to this sort of program, you do not need to sell as they are not purchasing anything (at least initially). You simply direct them to the cost per action program where they will do something like complete a short form, or opt in to receive some software or perhaps a report.

Every time a visitor you refer takes the required action you will earn a commission. Typically the commission are higher than a pay per click commission would be, but still easier to make money on than asking your visitor to actually make a purchase.

2. Two-tier affiliate programs are another way to make money without selling anything yourself. Instead you refer people to join a free affiliate program and you earn money whenever they make a sale. If you like working with people, and training them, this is a good way to get paid on the efforts of others as an affiliate marketer.

3. Contextual advertising programs such as Google Adsense. You have probably seen Google ads on people's websites.

Every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads the website owner will earn money, regardless of whether the visitor actually goes on to purchase something. This could be anywhere from a few pennies per click, to several dollars per click, depending on the market.

Google pays out hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions just on this type of affiliate marketing. This is an easy way to make money as an affiliate because you are not asking your visitors to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketers who make the most money doing these types of programs generally develop large content sites with hundreds or thousands of pages with ads on them or create lots of smaller niche websites. Then they work at driving traffic to these sites and treat Internet marketing as a numbers game.

These were just three examples of how to make money with affiliate programs without selling. All three of these methods do not require you to sell anything, and you can earn a supplemental income or full-time living doing them over time.



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