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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How To Develop Your Own Automated Income System

Let's take a closer look at all the elements that are required to create an automated income system that pays you even when you are not working!

1. Advertising that runs continually. You will need to market your program or product online when you are first getting your system set up.

To do this you will need to combine free advertising with paid advertising. There are numerous ways you can go about doing this.

You may want to have a pay per click advertising campaign in place that is constantly bringing in leads or visitors. You will also want to develop some long-term traffic by otpimizing your website for your target keywords and working at getting backlinks to your website.

One of the top ways to do this is to outsource your article marketing efforts. And then use a submission service to maximize your article submissions to the top directories.

2. A lead captyre page to capture contact information of your traffic. By promoting a landing page your visitor can fill out their name and email address so you can follow up with them in the future.

One of the most important parts of creating an automated income system is building a large email list.

3. A quality autoresponder to follow up automatically. There are many quality autoresponders online but of the ones that stand out are Aweber and GetResponse.

It should be programmed with email messages that go out to your subscribers over a period of time. By setting these up in advance you can let the autoresponder do the hard work for you.

Following up with your subscribers is one way to generate new sales on a continuing basis because people will respond at different times.

4. Residual income products. Getting paid in the future for work you are doing now is one way to create a walk away income.

Marketing business opportunities such as a network marketing business is one way to develop a residual income. Selling memberships that pay you in the future for sales you make right now is another way to create a residual income.

These are all elements of creating your own automated income system. By combining advertising, a landing page, a quality auto responder, and residual income products, you will make money even when you are not working.


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