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Monday, August 11, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Are you considering taking the plunge and working from home full time?

At the time of writing this I have been working from home full time for just over one year. Prior to that I spent 12 years working full time for a large company. Before I decided to work from home full time I had to consider carefully why I wanted to do this and what the advantages and disadvantages were going to be. Here are what I see as the main positives and negatives, based on my experience from both sides of the fence.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

(1) Lonelyness - if you are a people person like me, one thing you will probably miss most when you make the transition from full time work to working from home is contact with other people. At first I missed having people to talk to all the time and going for coffee and a chat each day with my coworkers. If you are working alone from home you just need to be sure to have some contact with others. You could do this by meeting people for a quick lunch, going to the gym during the day, arranging to meet friends more often in the evening, partnering with other people for certain parts of your business or joining a club.

(2) No Perks or Benefits - you may be used to having benefits such as medical insurance, bonuses, pension contributions and a car allowance. When you begin working for yourself from home full time you will lose these perks and benefits. For this reason you need to make sure that you are able to earn enough money to cover your existing salary and benefits if you need to.

(3) Never ending Workload and responsibility - as the owner of your own work from home business it may sometimes seem like the work is never ending. It is much easier for your working day to flow over into the evening and you could find yourself working much longer hours, especially in the beginning when you are struggling to make enough money. If something isn't working or if a crisis arises then you have the responsibility for fixing the problem.

Advantages of Working from Home

(1) Freedom - freedom is one of the biggest advantages of working for yourself. You can work the hours that you want to work rather than being in an office 9 till 5 every day. If you are not a morning person you can always have a long lie each day and start work a little later. If you need to go to an appointment in the middle of the day you don't need to ask the boss. If you want to spend time with the kids when they get home from school you can do this. If it is nice weather outside you can go out and sit in the garden for a while or even do some work outside... and so the list goes on!

(2) Earning Potential - as an employee you are usually constrained by grades and salary brackets. Your pay rises are normally decided by your boss and may be subject to budgets and sometimes company cutbacks. As the owner of your own business you have a huge potential to make a lot more money than you did as an employee and you can choose to pay yourself as much of this as you desire.

(3) Job satisfaction - when you are your own boss you can decide what work to do yourself and what to outsource. For example, if you don't enjoy doing the financial side of things you can outsource this. You can keep the work that you enjoy most for yourself and pay others to do the work that you enjoy the least. As an employee of a company you won't always have this luxury.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. It certainly pays to consider these and other potential pros and cons before taking such a big step in life.

About the Author:

Suzanne is a full time work from home business owner. Visit one of her websites to read home business opportunity reviews



At 9:12 AM , Blogger Tanny said...

Hi Suzanne,
You make some good points here, many people only think on the freedom part of working from home, then they forget to save the money and arrange their own insurance and saving for the future.
Are you talking to walls yet? When I spend a whole day at home, I talk to my pets.

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At 10:15 AM , Blogger Daisy said...

Your points for both the possibilities has given lots of information about working from home. Anyone planning to start their own internet home based business will only think of earning money in less time, but you have made it clear that its not all about money it needs efforts also.

At 9:14 AM , Blogger Valentin said...

Hello Suzanne,
I think you are absolutely right about efforts and loneliness. Tanny said she talks to her dog, but I would like to ask why not sometimes speak to your business associates? I only started my Home Business journey and I could not yet reach neither my sponsor, no somebody who already signed under me) (not many people though) Don't we give all out communication out to our autoresponder first and then have to speak to our pets?)) Of course when you do business online all day long you’d probably like to speak about something else) But we are today so spread all over the world on the other hand, that it seems to me live conversation even with other marketers you could get some new ideas, find about different cultures, meet interesting people?)

At 12:58 PM , Blogger Muzaffer Bhat said...

I do agree with you Suzanne with respect to merits and demerits of internet business work from home. One of the disadvantages I want to add here is that what will happen tomorrow no body knows and Internet is changing fast. What works today may not work tomorrow. So we have to keep an eye and strict vigil overall aspects of Internet.


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