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Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 Things I can do now that I Work from Home Full Time

What can you do now that you are a full time internet marketer?

There are lots of advantages of working at home full time. I didn't realise just how many until I became a full time work at home internet marketer :-)

Here are some things I can do that I could never do in the office:

(1) Start the day lying in bed in my jim jams drinking a nice big latte andanswering all my emails.
(2) Watch day time TV or a good film while I work
(5) Have a home beauty session while I work (face mask, foot moisturizing treatment, body wrap)
(4) Dance around the room like a mad woman when a good song comes on the radio
(5) Work in my underwear if I am feeling too hot (not often in Scotland)
(6) Work in the back garden on my laptop, in the sunshine while eating an ice lolly. (again not often in Scotland)
(7) Stand on my head for a few minutes when I feel sluggish and need some more blood circulation to the brain
(8) Go and say hello to the animals in the zoo round the corner when I am feeling lonely during the day
(9) have a large glass of vino in the afternoon if it all gets too much for me.
(10) Take the whole day off whenever I want because I am the boss.

Ok, so I don't do all of these things every day, but at least I know they are available tome when I feel like it!

What can you do now that you work from home full time or what do you want to do when you work from home full time?

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