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Monday, April 28, 2008

Learn how to be Successful on Ebay with PlanetSMS Monthly

PlanetSMS Monthly by John Thornhill is a new mentoring program with a difference

Many new online marketers are joining programs and sites that claim to 'mentor' people to success, So is PlanetSMS Digital Monthly Mentorship any different to so many that don't provide value, Or is is one of the few that do?

I may be slightly biased in favour of this program - because I have bought products from John Thornhill in the past and he always over delivers and offers great support for those, You might want to check some of his products such as Auction Profit Streams to get an idea of the quality of his products before commiting to a monthly fee...

The first thing I noted from reading his site is that John Thornhill, known on ebay as planetsms, isn't just promoting it as another 'make money from ebay' type of product. He does use his Ebay id as part of his credentials as a person qualified to teach others, as well as the fact that he has authored some best selling ebooks and is an ebay powerseller.

What he says about 'the secret to success' being to follow someone who is successful at internet marketing can't be argued with, (provided they are teaching what they know and do to make money on the internet)

This monthly membership goes a lot further than just the mention of selling on ebay though.It claims to teach exactly what John does to generate multiple streams of income from the internet marketing arena in general.

What is included in the membership?

Audio/Video Training - to show and 'walk us through' what he does and the strategies he employs.

A Digital Newsletter Delivered to Your Inbox Each Month - in which he reveals methods he actually uses to make money, and admits many of them are not just from ebay.

The Tools Required to Help You Succeed - he includes in the package the tools and private label/ brandable material he says will be needed for some one to start their own online income.

A Monthly Question and Answer session - this promises to answer any marketing related questions

The Opportunity to Get Personal Help - offering to have direct contact with subscribers/members to help them where needed (but only on a limited number basis) - so I would assume this may be removed at some point?

And Also - Almost Guaranteed Income. Where he is offering to promote members products to his subscriber base, in order to help generate them some sale. (I note he does have some small print in there - only promising to promote appropriate products)This presumably covers him against any obligation to promote poor quality or non related products?

Finally his price for membership is set at $10 per month. (this is where I believe he differentiates himself from many mentoring programs I have seen - most go for the higher end price ticket - this does seem exceptional value if he lives up to his claims) For which he also offers a money back guarantee. (presumably with it being a clickbank product - he will have had to offer such a guarantee) Never the less it is comforting that one can 'Try' him out without risk or fear of loss, knowing that if he doesn't provide quality and value he would soon be out of pocket.

See the site for more details

So that's the sales page and claims outlined, with a few comments from myself where appropriate. As a brand new service - time will tell if he continues to provide value...But I can say this much - I have had access to his first Video Newsletter and can confirm that he does go into great detail of a strategy he is currently using. He gives details of exactly how to set it up for maximum profit, with a step by step follow along video that any new marketer could easily follow. Clear and simple and with a full explanation of where he did what he did, how to do the same etc.

He then went further than expected and showed exactly how much income and sales this strategy provided from his own business and also for comparison, a new marketer with a smaller list and less experience and no product of his own.

I do believe this will help many and was sufficient to justify the first months subscription without any of the other benefits quoted.

I genuinely believe this could be a valuable resource and it certainly looks as though planetsms digital monthly mentorship will be a keeper for me.

My recommendation would be to join and try it out. with the money back guarantee the small $10 risk is removed. I believe new and intermediate marketers will find value and benefit in the first issue.

Visit PlanetSMS Monthly Mentorship for more information.

Please feel free to post your comments if you found this review useful.

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At 9:54 PM , Blogger Jasmin said...

Hi suzanne, I posted a message on this blog but I can't see it. Anyway, I'm a PIPSITE member and I want to use your renowned services to update and optimize my website. But the problem is that neither Paypal nor Clickbank operate in the country where I live. What can I do?

At 2:03 PM , Blogger Suzanne said...

Hi Jasmin,

My PIPS Content Update Service provides a total of 24 new pages. Only 3 of them are Clickbank (at the time of writing) so you can still benefit from 21 new pages, a site menu and a guide on how to update your website.

Find out more at Website Update Services



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