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Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Review of Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books is a brand new affiliate program that allows you to promote downloadable Audio books from a store of over 6000 books, including fiction, health, history, self help, business and more.

You can join Leisure Audio Books for free and there is no need to have your own website. Leisure Audio books provides a link which you can use to send people to your own audio bookstore for a 15% commission on all sales.

Since Leisure Audio Books is so new I thought it would be worth writing an FAQ style review of this affiliate program/business opportunity. Here are some answers to questions you may have about Leisure Audio Books.

What sort of products are available from Leisure Audio Books?
As mentioned there are a huge range of downloadable audio books available in MP3 or WMA format. Categories include arts & drama, biography, business, crimes & thrillers, fiction, foreign language study, health & recreation, history, humor, juvenile, radio shows, religion & spiritual, self help and TV & Film.

You can look at the full selection of over 6000 books at the Leisure Audio Books Retail Store.

How much to I get paid?
As a basic free Silver member you will be paid 15% commission on all Audio book sales. Gold Members are paid 20% and Platinum members 25%. You are also paid a recurring commission on memberships. The rates for this are 15% for Silver members, 25% for Gold members and 50% for Platinum members.

How and when do I get paid?
You will be paid by paypal in the first week of every month. If paypal doesn't suit you it is possible to be paid by check for an administration fee.

How much is it to join?
It is free to join as a Silver member earning 15% commission. If you wish to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum level it is $12.95 per month for Gold and $24.95 per month for Platinum. Discounts are available when you first join or if you pay annually

Do I need my own website?
Having your own website helps, but you can join Leisure Audio Books even if you don't have a website. You could promote it on your blog, or advertise the link in a forum or email signature, use pay per click advertising or just let your friends and family know about your store.

What help & promotional tools are available?
Leisure Audio books have an extensive selection of helpful tools in their back office. There is an extensive help/faq page, a promotional page with suggestions on how to promote Leisure Audio books incuding sample classified ads, blog posts, emails, business card templates, splash pages, squeeze pages and more. There is also a section on "Getting Started" explaining step by step what you need to do to promote Leisure Audio books. If you want to promote specific sections of the store e.g. business audios only or self help audios only you can easily generate links for these sections, as well as graphical and non graphical links to specific products. They also provide a good range of promotional banners and a banner rotator. Overall I was pretty impressed with the back office. There is a lot more there than I normally find when I join an affiliate program.

How do I Join?
You can signup to Leisure Audio Books from this link

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